The Seven Waterfalls in Puncak Curug 7 Cilember is one of the most important areas that characterizes the charming Indonesian city of Puncak, characterized by its pure atmosphere, clean air, and its waters descending from the top of the hills.
The seven waterfalls in Puncak is one of the most beautiful tourist regions in Indonesia, and some myths revolve around it, the most important of which is that this beautiful and clear water has an unusual ability to heal many diseases such as rheumatism, heart disease, pressure, kidneys and skin.

Seven waterfalls in Puncak Indonesia

One of the most beautiful and best of these waterfalls is the last waterfall, which enjoys its scenic and beautiful views, and its water is considered one of the purest water found in the seven waterfalls and the cleanest of them.
The most important thing that distinguishes the place is the wonderful fresh air, rugged paths, bridges suspended over small lakes and streams of water descending from the lush trees and beautiful flowers, for this you need to rent a local guide, as the conditions of the road during the climbing of the waterfalls from the first to the seventh are somewhat dangerous.

Seven waterfalls in Puncak

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Activities you can do

• Take an exploration safari trip to reach the spectacular waterfalls and enjoy this unique experience in the heart of lush green forests and walk between streams. You should wear sports shoes and bring other alternative clothes, as well as bring a number of drinks and snacks.

Seven Puncak Waterfalls in Indonesia

Swimming in small lakes formed from waterfalls, which are rich in mineral salts, so they are good for the body and skin.

Seven waterfalls in Puncak, Indonesia

• For camping lovers, you can rent tents and camping gear from locals in the forests next to the Seven Waterfalls in Puncak, between the pine and coconut trees, and enjoy the fresh, fresh air as well as the sound of water, waterfalls, and beautiful birds around you.

Seven waterfalls in Puncak Indonesia

• Visit the magnificent butterfly garden on your way to the seven waterfalls in Puncak and see this huge variety of butterflies, which includes thousands of rare rare beautiful colored species.

Seven waterfalls in Puncak Indonesia

• Capture the most beautiful and wonderful photographs of you and your friends as well as the most beautiful videos documenting your wonderful trip between trees and waterfalls.

The seven falls is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Indonesia, Puncak

entrance fees

The entry ticket for a person ranges from 40 thousand to 60 thousand rupees.
The car ticket is 15 thousand rupees.
Colorful butterfly garden 5 rupees.

Puncak hotels near Seven Falls

Puncak Pass Resort is one of the best 3-star Puncak hotels located in Puncak, less than 10 minutes’ drive from the Seven Falls.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Overall the resort received good reviews.
Hotel reservation
Aris Peru Hotel and Villa is a two-star hotel in Indonesia, located 2 km or less, about 10 minutes drive from the seven waterfalls.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got good reviews for both location, tranquility, and staff. Bad Wi-Fi, average breakfast.
Hotel reservation

The site of the Seven Waterfalls in Puncak

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