The Wax Museum in Lebanon is one of the most important tourist attractions in Lebanon to which tourists from various groups and countries come through during tourism tours in Byblos on their way to and from the capital Beirut, which is only 38 km from the museum.
The Wax Museum Lebanon was established in 1967 to open its doors to the general public in 1970 and welcomes them with its 129 candle exhibits. The museum is one of the favorite tourist destinations for children through which they can achieve the highest educational benefit with entertainment and recreation at the same time.
During the article, we review with you the most important activities that the museum allows its visitors to do with a suggestion of the nearest and the best accommodations for it.

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The most important activities that can be carried out at the Wax Museum Lebanon

• Learn about the most important personalities and events of Lebanese history in its various stages in terms of literature, art, politics and other fields, including prehistoric times.

The dates of visiting the wax museum in Lebanon

• You can also enjoy listening to stories and myths about the museum’s waxy figures from long ago by a local guide or by reading the evidence next to each character.

Where is the wax museum Lebanon?

• Learn about the customs and traditions of the Lebanese society, especially the rural community, and examples of its folklore through wax statues, some of which display social scenes that reflect the life of society.

Lebanon Wax Museum

• Get great souvenir photos of the museum’s exhibits from the most famous personalities of Lebanese society.

The Wax Museum in Lebanon

• Visit the Byblos castle near the museum and enjoy a panoramic view of the sea coast, or sit in recreation in front of it.

The Wax Museum in Lebanon

visiting hours

The museum is open daily from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.

entrance fees

5 thousand Lebanese pounds for children, 10 thousand Lebanese pounds for adults.

Hotels near Lebanon Wax Museum

Hiram Byblos Hotel, one of the best 3-star hotels in Lebanon, very close to the Wax Museum, as the distance between it and the museum is no more than 400 meters, which is equivalent to 5 minutes by car.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got a very good rating thanks to the location, free internet, cleanliness, comfort, value for money, facilities.
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Monoberge Hotel, one of the best 3-star hotels of Lebanon near the Wax Museum of Lebanon, located 750 meters, equivalent to a 10-minute walk on the sea road.
Summary of guest ratings
The hotel got a great rating thanks to the cleanliness, comfort, location, facilities, value for money, and finally internet access.
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The site of the Wax Museum in Lebanon

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