Barka Castle is considered one of the best archeological and historical monuments in Barka, as it is distinguished by its geographical location on the coastal strip of the state of Barka as it is a few meters away from the beach. The castle was built three hundred and fifty years ago, which is eight corners topped by a watchtower, a room for justice, and rooms for weapons and visitors, In addition to a mosque for prayer, a water well and other antiquities that characterize the fort that used to form the city’s defensive wall, but now it is one of the most important tourist places in Al-Barka and the most prominent of them.

Things to do when visiting Barka Castle

• You can visit Al-Barka Fort, learn about the history of the Barka mandate and its distinctive monuments, and get acquainted with Omani architecture by reflecting on building the castle and its wonderful landmarks.

Barka Castle

• You can also wander inside the Barka Castle and see the monuments such as the eastern and western towers, the justice room, the waiting room and also the places related to weapons and visitors.

Barka Fort

• You can visit Al-Barka Beach after visiting the castle, enjoying its wonderful atmosphere and practicing many interesting activities, as it is one kilometer away from Al-Barka Castle.

Barka Castle

You can also visit the old market, the fish market and the vegetable market, which are the famous slopes near Al Barka Castle.

Barka Fort

• You can enjoy praying inside the mosque in the Barka Castle and ablution from the well designated for that in the quiet, traditional atmosphere that characterizes the fort.

Barka Fort

Visit times

All days of the week except Saturday, from eight in the morning until six in the evening.

Hotels near Al Barka Castle

Al Nahda Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels in Barka, 8.5 km from Barka Fort

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was rated satisfactory in terms of excellent staff, value for money and free Wi-Fi.
While some commented on the need for the hotel and its furniture to be renovated.

Pearl Farm Chalet is one of the best hotels in Oman. Al-Barka is 5.8 km away from Al-Barka Castle.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

There are no hotel reviews as it is still recent

Barka Castle website

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