Sylt Island is one of the most beautiful islands of natural beauty in Germany and has many elements that make it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Germany at all. The island is located in the Friesland region within the North Frisian Islands and is the largest island in the region in terms of area.
The island’s beaches extend to about 40 km in the North Sea, with corridors linking it inside Germany, with a large number of habitats, dining options, hotels and resorts, and during the next few lines we will get to know the most prominent activities inside the island.

Sylt Island, Germany

Top 5 things to do on Sylt island, Germany

• Sylt owns a group of charming beaches that give you a wonderful day of swimming. On top of these beaches is the Westerland beach which is characterized by the purity of its waters, in addition to its fine sand, make sure to spend a fun day accompanied by friends and family at the beaches of the island.

Sylt Island

• It is fun to experience the Salt Aquarium, as it is one of the best basins in the North German region. You and your kids will enjoy watching the amazing marine life and seeing the most important secrets of the North Sea.


• Do not leave the island of Sylt unless you have visited the famous Elbow Sylt which combines the best landscapes on the island, whether green spaces or pure beaches, a large number of visitors are keen to spend a pleasant and warm time in this region.

Germany, Sylt

Saint Severin Church is one of the areas of historical and religious importance on the island, which dates back more than 800 years and is built in Romen style, and it is a good place to visit within Sylt if you are a lover of history and archeology.

Sylt island in Germany

• Sylt Island has a large number of dining options, including local, italyn, Asian and international food. You can choose any of Sylt restaurants to enjoy a delicious lunch, or accompany and eat food in front of the island’s beaches.

Sylt Island Restaurants

Hotels near Sylt Island Germany

Landhaus Streker Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Germany, away from the island’s center, 1.8 kilometers.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got a great location, comfort, cleanliness, facilities, staff, value for money, breakfast and Wi-Fi.

Airport Hotel Sylt is one of the best hotels in Germany, far from the center of the island 3.3 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got very good on-site, comfort, cleanliness, facilities, staff, value for money and Wi-Fi.

Sylt Island website, Germany

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