The most famous cities in the Arab world, Muslims and the whole world. The source of Islam and the birthplace of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, his honorable companions, and the kiss of Muslims in their prayer. Mecca is considered a religious, touristic and historical city that undoubtedly deserves to be visited and toured its markets and landmarks.

The best restaurants in Mecca

In this article we present to you a group of the best restaurants in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, which won the admiration of its visitors through its delicious food and the quality and speed of its service.

albaik restaurant

It is located in Jabal Al-Nour, and it is considered one of the most popular restaurants in Mecca. You will always find it crowded. The restaurant is famous for its broast, pull, shrimp, fillet, etc. The restaurant is a branch of a chain of restaurants spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Restaurants in Mecca

Turkish Taste Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Mecca offers you the experience of authentic Turkish cooking, all that is Turkish, Turkish food, Turkish decor and Turkish crew, the restaurant offers a variety of delicious Turkish pastries, grills and sweets. The restaurant is located in Al Awali, across from Al Naseem scheme

Mecca Restaurants

Jumbo Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is characterized by its wonderful Chinese decorations, chopsticks that are served to you while eating and a steam towel that is provided after eating in addition to the Chinese crew that works here all this will make you feel like you are in China, the Chinese food has a very unique taste, especially soup, the prices in this restaurant are a bit high. The restaurant is located on sixty Street and is one of the best restaurants in Mecca

The best restaurants in Mecca

Island Delight Fish Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Mecca, which is specialized in providing varied seafood. The restaurant provides an extensive menu that includes a variety of seafood, and also offers a number of regular dishes such as a grape leaf dish with shrimp, the prices in the restaurant are good and suitable for everyone. The restaurant is located on 60th Street in Makkah

The best restaurants in Mecca

Al Tazaj Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants in Saudi Arabia, which is one of a chain of restaurants in a number of cities in the Kingdom, it is distinguished by its serving of chicken that comes from its own farms and among the foods served by the restaurant we mention grilled chicken, broast and rice with Arabic spices

The best restaurants in Makkah

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