The tourist city of Abha is one of the best cities for tourism in Saudi Arabia, where it won the title of the capital of Arab tourism, as it is a picturesque landscape of nature, such as valleys, lakes, waterfalls, as well as modern tourist and recreational attractions, as it is the only one of the Gulf cities that has a moderate climate throughout the year so it A popular destination for visitors in all seasons.

Cheap hotels in Abha

Abha City hotels are considered one of the best in Saudi Arabia, so as you will find luxury hotels, you will also find cheap hotels in Abha.
In this report, we review a list of Abha’s cheapest hotels, prices, and some of its advantages, nearby tourist attractions, and a summary of Arab visitors’ reviews.

Beautat Hotel

One of Abha’s hotels is cheap, with a one-night price starting from $ 37 in a twin room, and it contains modern rooms with distinctive air-conditioned décor and comfortable furniture and has a wonderful view.
Cheap hostels in Abha are 1.7 km from Al Shallal Park, 7.1 km from Abha Palace Theme Park, and the hotel is 21.3 km from Abha Airport.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel rated good both for the location, the cleanliness, the comfort and the performance of the staff.

Abha hotels

Seasons Hotel Agadir

The seasons of Agadir is a cheap hotel in Abha, characterized by simplicity and sophistication. It also includes a garden, a terrace and a fitness center. The price of one night starts at $ 48 in a one-bedroom suite, so it is one of the most important hotels in Abha.
Al-Shallal Park is 2.9 km from the hotel, the Qasr Al-Muftah Theater is 1.2 km away, and Abha Airport is 21.4 km from the hotel.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel received satisfactory ratings on both location, value for money, staff performance.
The negatives of the hotel are limited to the level of cleanliness and provided some furniture and furnishings.

The cheapest hotels in Abha

Saad Residential Palace

One night in Saad Palace Hotel starts from $ 32 in a deluxe room, so it is one of the cheap Abha hotels.
The hotel has elegant, air-conditioned rooms and has wonderful mountain or sightseeing views.
Al Shallal Park is 4.4 km and Qasr Al-Muftah Theater is 2.7 km, while Abha Airport is 26.1 km from the hotel.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel was rated good both for the location, staff performance, value for money, comfort and facilities.
Some visitors complained about the inconvenience of outside noise and the level of hygiene.

Cheap hotels in Abha

Al Reef Hotel

One of the best 4-star hotels in Abha. The hotel boasts wonderful modern décor and offers air-conditioned rooms with comfortable and elegant furniture.
The price per night in a deluxe studio room starts at $ 36, so it is one of the cheapest hotels in Abha.
Abha Airport is 15.9 km from Al Reef Hotel, Happiness Park is 6.9 km, and Al Salam Garden Theme Park is 12.4 km from the hotel.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated good both in cleanliness, comfort, staff performance, value for money and facilities.
The negatives of the hotel are only a distance from the city center.

Abha hotels and prices

Elite Home Hotel

The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms, some of which include a kitchenette, a living room with a modern TV and comfortable modern furniture.
Per night prices start from $ 53 in a one-bedroom apartment, so they are on the list of cheap Abha hotels.
Abha Airport is only 2.4 km from the hotel, while the Happiness Park is 7.4 km away, and the Peace Park amusement park is 15.1 km away from the hotel.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel is rated good both for value for money, facilities, location cleanliness and staff performance.

Abha hotels cheap

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