Makkah Al Azizia hotels provide a large amount of service and construction requirements that must be met for the specificity of tourism in Mecca, which comes at the top of tourism in Saudi Arabia, but with different festive nature.

It is worth saying that, although all Makkah hotels have the luxury of subsistence and service that the guests of Rahman desire to devote themselves to worship and perform rituals, however, the hotels of Makkah Al-Aziziyah neighborhood increase their ingredients, so that luxury and enjoyment increase.

In this article, we review a group of the best
Makkah Al Azizia hotels that cater to the aspirations and desires of the guests

Mecca hotels

We review
Together, there is a different and distinct package of the best hotels in Mecca, Aziziya, according to its visitors
They rated it the best for its facilities and services.

Holiday Inn Makkah Al-Aziziya

Best 5-star Makkah Al Aziziya hotels with units
Spacious close to the Haram with great views with terrace, it also offers an outdoor pool, sauna and spa
Gym, good internet coverage, free parking.

Makkah Hotel Apartments is 1.2 km from Al Nouri Shopping Center, 98.9 km from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments were rated very well
Thanks to the comfort, cleanliness, location, value for money, staff, Wi-Fi
Free, facilities compared to other 5-star Mecca neighborhood hotels.

Hotel reservation
Mecca hotels ensure you comfort and luxury by staying in spacious spacious rooms

Makarem Al-Bait Hotel

One of the best hotels in Mecca 4
Nojoom features spacious family rooms that provide all the amenities needed, with services
Premium amenities like internet, free parking, daily housekeeping.

The hotel is 5.2 km from Masjid Al Haram and 96.9 km from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

And being the finest Makkah Al-Azizia hotel, its visitors value is good for all the favorable prices for the services provided, comfort, cleanliness, facilities, location, staff.

However, the Internet was the lowest rated compared to other 4-star Aziziyah Makkah hotels.

Hotel reservation
Hotels in Mecca Al Aziziyah is the perfect choice for a comfortable stay in upscale family rooms

Concorde Hotel Makkah

Azizia Hotel Makkah 4
The stars of the best in terms of service and amenities, spacious rooms with bathroom
With all free toiletries, with amenities and facilities as disabled,
Daily room services, parking, internet coverage.

The hotel is 4.4 km away
Km from the Holy Mosque of Makkah, 98.4 km from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The rating of the hotel was good in both coverage
Good internet, location, staff, comfort, cleanliness, price level, facilities.

Hotel reservation
We recommend you a bouquet of the best Makkah Al Azizia hotel if you want to live in the finest neighborhoods of Mecca

Wezan Hotel

One of the best hotels in Mecca, Azizia, which visitors flock to
It provides spacious rooms and modern facilities, as well as good services and facilities such as parking
Cars and free internet, daily cleaning, currency exchange.

The apartments are 4.4 km from Al-Masjid al-Haram Mosque, 98.6
How far is King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The visitors rated it very well in terms of staff, price level, level of hygiene, comfort, quality of facilities, location, and the internet got the lowest rating compared to other Saudi hotels.

Hotel reservation
If you want a high-end hotel in Mecca, Aziziyah neighborhood, you will be guaranteed

Violet Makkah Hotel

From the apartments of Mahbas al-Jin in Mecca
Diversity, spacious spaces and modern complete appliances, along with a wonderful breakfast buffet,
Indoor pool and jacuzzi, kids club and banquet halls.

The apartments are located in the Aziziyah district, 3 km from the Holy Mosque and 98.2 km from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments were rated very well
For cleanliness, comfort, convenience in price for service level, facilities, staff,
Website, free internet coverage.

Hotel reservation
One of the Aziziyah Makkah hotels that provides a luxurious stay

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Mecca South hotels

Makkah Al Aziziyah South hotels provide a unique hotel style that matches the spiritual nature of the trip, wherever it is intended. Among the various options from Makkah Al Aziziyah South hotels, we have brought you a distinct group.

Makkah Al Azizia hotels: one of the best accommodation options in Makkah

Cheap hotels in Mecca

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Hotel apartments, Mecca, Azizia

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Makkah Al-Azizia Hotel Apartments offer different forms of stays to suit families that compete with Makkah Al-Azizia hotels

Why is the Aziziyah neighborhood in Makkah the best choice for many?

Staying in Makkah Al Aziziyah hotels offers many advantages, the most important of which are:
The vital location and proximity to the Holy Mosque of Mecca
Proximity to the most famous tourist attractions in Makkah
Proximity to malls, popular markets and restaurants
Easy access and transportation between other tourist areas in Mecca

What is the best hotel in Mecca, Aziziyah?

You can choose from a group of the best Makkah Al Aziziyah hotels that we collected in this article based on real reviews from Arab visitors .. Read more

What is the best family hotel in Aziziyah Makkah?

All the hotels mentioned in the article are among the best hotels in Mecca, suitable for families, as they provide spacious family rooms suitable for families with a distinct set of facilities and entertainment services

How much does it cost to stay in Makkah Al Azizia hotel for one night?

The cost of staying in a Makkah Al-Aziziyah hotel ranges between $ 28 and $ 39, and the price varies according to the period of the year, the size of the room, and its advantages

What are the best hotels in Mecca, Aziziyah neighborhood, near the airport?

Considered Makarem Al-Bait Hotel The best Makkah Al Azizia hotels near the airport

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