Tourism in Sarajevo has a special weight when talking about tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a one-time visit to this city will often be the beginning of a permanent link to this city and its people and the features of its ancient history and the beauty of its picturesque nature and therefore will make uninterrupted trips to this city.

The best hotel apartments in Sarajevo

Staying in a Sarajevo hotel is a pleasure in itself, as it has all the international ingredients and standards that give all its visitors an ideal stay.

And if your stay is long or you are a big family, then you will find in this report a comprehensive guide on the best hotel apartments in Sarajevo, which won great approval among all the guests, making them one of the best hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Apart Hotel Family

The least that is said about staying in the Family Hotel Apart is that they are exceptional, as these apartments provided all amenities and all services that would not make you look for hotel apartments in Sarajevo other.

Apart Hotel Family Apartments is 3.7 km from Avaaz Twist Tower, and 11.9 km from Sarajevo International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Amenities are the most popular point for visitors to give these apartments exceptional value plus staff, cleanliness and value for money.

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Serviced apartments in Sarajevo

It is called Sarajevo

It seems that the exceptional specifications are not a monopoly on one place, in apartments called Sarajevo you will have integrated housing units in terms of equipment and all amenities, it is no wonder that it is one of the best hotel apartments in Sarajevo at all.

Sarajevo National Theater is only 800 meters away, while Sarajevo International Airport is 8.5 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Thanks to the location of the Summit Apartments Sarajevo, its staff, hygiene and comfort, this property was able to obtain an exceptional rating.

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Hotel apartments in Sarajevo

Centar Sarajevo Hotel Apartments

All basic facilities are available for all residential units in the Centar Sarajevo Hotel Apartments. Each apartment also includes a garden and a terrace, as well as the privileged location it occupies, which will attract you when searching for the best hotel apartments in Sarajevo.

Avaaz Twist Tower is 9.6 km from Centar Sarajevo Hotel Apartments, while Sarajevo International Airport is 3.6 km from the apartments.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

These apartments were rated excellent thanks to the cleanliness and comfort level, the free WiFi and the value for money.

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Aparthotel Sarajevo

Leader Apartment

Between apartments that meet the standards of comfort and between the most wonderful services and facilities that will make it much easier for you when you stay at Leader Apartment, you will never feel confused by choosing among other Sarajevo aparthotels.

Sarajevo National Theater at Leader Apartment is 1.8 km away, while Sarajevo International Airport is 12.6 km from these apartments.

Summary of Arab visitor reviews

Leader Apartment got an excellent evaluation, which made it one of the most famous apartments in Sarajevo.

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Hasanovic apartment

The advantages of Hasanovic’s apartment are that it provides accommodation with a shared lounge, garden, shared kitchen, and what distinguishes them most is the provision of enjoyable activities such as cycling, which the place rents, especially when compared to hotel apartments in Sarajevo.

The famous Bascarsija Street is 9.2 km from Hasanovic Apartment, while the distance between the apartments and Sarajevo International Airport is only 1.2 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor reviews

These apartments were rated very well, as visitors expressed their admiration for the staff, amenities and standard of hygiene.

While some were not satisfied with the site.

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The best hotel apartments in Sarajevo

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