Mount Pilatus is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Switzerland, 2132 meters above sea level. Many tourists come to the summit of Mount Pilatus to carry out many interesting and distinct activities, the most famous of which is the charming train trip.

The summit of Pilatus is located on top of a mountain range considered to be the steepest and most descending of the world, to provide a very exciting and exciting adventure.

Find out the best activities when going to Mount Pilatus

Activities you can do atop Pilatus Mountain

• The ramp train ride, which was created in 1899 and takes about 30 minutes during which the visitor can see many scenic landscapes.

The summit of the mountain can be visited throughout the year as the summit can be reached throughout the day.

Slope train riding is one of the most popular activities in Mount Pilatus

Snowboarding is one of the most enjoyable activities on top of a mountain, as the slopes of the summit provide an opportunity for an unforgettable ski adventure.

Several winter sports can be practiced above the summit to provide the best tourism experience in Interlaken in the winter

The Pilatus Summit provides recreation and comfortmarviikad @flickr

• For lovers of excitement and adventure, you can try the summer slide on the top of the mountain

Which provides you with the most enjoyable and exciting moments in the arms of nature during Interlaken tourism.

For more excitement and adventure visit the Pilatus Ride and ride the slidePranavian @flickr

Watching the sunrise over the top of the mountain and enjoying the fresh air is one of the most romantic activities that tourists can take on their honeymoon trip.

Watching the sunset at the top of the Pilatus summit is indescribablehafecheese @flickr

• Eat on top of Pilatus, while watching the scenic landscape in one of the restaurants above the summit.

Restaurant at the top of PilatusJackie @flickr

Pilates entry prices

The price of entry tickets for the Pilatus Summit for adults is $ 73, while entry tickets for children are $ 36.

Hotels near the top of the mountain

Bellevue Crane Hotel is one of the best hotels in Pilatus summit. The hotel is 100 meters from the summit.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a great evaluation and the hotel visitors praised the charming view, breakfast and dinner, and the friendly handling of the hotel staff.

Hotel reservation

The 3-star Rogerley Hotel, one of the best hotels near Mount Pilatus, is 4 km from the mountain.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received a great evaluation and the Arab visitors praised the staff for the handling, breakfast, and room space.

Hotel reservation

Mount Pilatus Peak location on the map

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