Umluj is one of the most important tourism cities in coastal Saudi Arabia. It follows the Saudi Tabuk region and is characterized by its picturesque beaches and charming islands with the finest resort resorts and hotels of its kind among the Kingdom’s hotels.
Since you are in a coastal city like Al-Majal and they always say that sitting in front of the sea or swimming raises appetite for food, we had to provide you with a guide on the most important Al-Amal restaurants classified according to the visitors’ reviews as the best in the city.

Best Trowel Hotels

In this report, we provide you with a list of the best hotels in Al-Majl, which you will inevitably need to book during the tourism trip to Al-Majl. You can see the best features and services provided .. Read more
Trowel Restaurants

Trowel Restaurants

Here is a guide on the most tried and tested restaurants in Al-Majal, classified according to visitor reviews.

Leader Fish Restaurant (Fish Leader)

One of the best restaurants of Al-Amlaj to provide fresh fish and seafood with its delicious mixes, while preserving the traditional customs and ambiance of the Gulf in dining, as the restaurant replaced the table system used in most restaurants with Arabic ground sessions, with a special floor for families.
In general, visitors praise the place for its cleanliness, good staff, delicious food, and fresh ingredients, with a slight increase in meal prices.
times of work
Everyday from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the morning.
The best trowel restaurants in Saudi Arabia

Trowel Restaurant Pizza Star

It is Al-Mug Restaurants specialized in making italyn pizza of various kinds, and various pies and pastries.
Umluj STAR Pizza, located in the Wilaya district on King Saud Road, was well received by its visitors for the quality of its dishes and cleanliness.
times of work
It works around the clock, seven days a week.
Best restaurants in Umloj, Saudi Arabia

Al Karam Al Bukhari Restaurant

It is one of the best restaurants of Al-Amalj to provide authentic Arabic delicacies such as steamed grilled chicken, rice of all kinds, edam and other varied and delicious dishes.
The restaurant has won wide acceptance from its visitors thanks to the quality of its dishes and the diversity of its items with the quality of service, prices and quiet sessions that it provides to its customers.
times of work
Everyday from 12:00 noon to 5:00 am.
Saudi Trowel Restaurants

Restaurant and kitchen attended the new death

One of the famous restaurants in Al-Amalj, providing the best and finest Yemeni dishes and delicious delicacies such as compressed meat, mandi, zeriban and others.
Modern Hadhramout has won the approval of its visitors thanks to the quality of its dishes and the good dealings of its customers with their customers, the excellent location, the cleanliness and the system that the place provides.
times of work
Everyday from 11:00 am until 2:30 after midnight.
Opening hours of mammal restaurants in Saudi Arabia

The Levantine Restaurant

Among the distinctive Al-Amal restaurants specializing in serving barbecues, popular cuisine and popular appetizers in the Levant, unlike those of the Saudi community at very reasonable prices.
Shamia village restaurant is characterized by the quality of its dishes and the good treatment of its visitors with their visitors, with a special section for families at the back of the restaurant located in Al Salam district on King Abdul Aziz Road.
times of work
Everyday from 1:00 pm until 1:00 after midnight.
Best Trowel Restaurants

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