Top 5 winter tourism activities in South Korea

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Prepare your winter clothes and get ready to head to one of the top tourist destinations during the winter season. Here we review a list of the best tourism activities in South Korea, which is an ideal travel destination during this time of the year.
Visiting South Korea is a wonderful thing in all periods of the year, but the winter season has a special charm, there are many hot springs, health clubs and mountains covered with ice and festive atmosphere.

Spotlight Festival – Boseong Tea Farm

Top 5 winter tourism activities in South Korea - Top 5 winter tourism activities in South Korea
Boseong tea plantation is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in South Korea, as it features its beautiful streets, tunnels, stairs, and Christmas trees that provide a special festive atmosphere. And if you travel to Korea with your partner, you will enjoy hiking on this farm, watching snowfall and spending the best romantic times.

Visit hot springs and health clubs

If relaxing in the hot springs during the winter is one of the activities you prefer, you can do so in one of the natural hot springs in Korea. And do not worry if you are traveling with your children, you can visit one of the hot spring parks that provide a night stay and also has many water games and recreational activities.

Visit the world of Lotte

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Lotte World is a huge entertainment complex in Seoul, Korea, which consists of shopping malls, folklore museum, huge games center, skating rink and many restaurants. Your visit to Korea is not complete without visiting this giant complex, and it is also the perfect place to avoid the harsh weather while enjoying a day full of games and fun.

Experience popular Korean cuisine

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Your visit to South Korea is not complete without trying the popular foods that people used to eat in the winter, among which the most famous are: “Hoteok” (which is pancakes sweetened with melted sugar), Pingyupang (a type of Korean pastry) and Jirang Pang (muffin with eggs) Hot Dog “docaipe” (a sausage stuffed with french fries) and many more.

Snowboarding experience

You can visit South Korea at any time of the year but the winter season has its own charm, especially if you are a fan of adventure and snow sports where you can, for example, experience skiing in the slopes of “Gangwon” which is located three hours from Seoul. This mountainous area is popular for ski resorts and many other winter sports, while you can practice freestyle skiing or snowboarding as well. These resorts provide all equipment for skiing, and you can also participate in several Koreans ice fishing festivals, and these festivals are organized in January and February.


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