Fort canning park is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Singapore, located in the southeastern part of Singapore, which is a small hill within the central business district.
The garden, despite its small area, includes a group of recreational activities and historical monuments, and it is an area for holding many celebrations and concerts that take place amid greenery, trees and plants.

Activities to do in Fort Canning Park Singapore

• Walk around the park and explore its features, as it contains many types of interesting plants and animals, as well as many historical monuments such as ancient cannons that were used in World War II, you will enjoy discovering these monuments and taking the most beautiful photographs.

Fort Canning Park Singapore

• Visiting the Spice Garden This garden is a replica of the first experimental botanical garden in Singapore. The park includes many types of spice plants, some of which are rare and some of which are known as cloves, nutmeg and others.

Fort Canning Park in Singapore

• Visiting the British Command Center, which was built in 1930, at a depth of 9 meters underground, which was the headquarters of the army that defended Singapore’s uncle during the Second World War and during which Singapore was handed over to the Japanese. That period.

Fort Canning Park Singapore

• There are many places worth visiting in Fort Canning Park Singapore, including historical gates, the exhibition area, etc., and you may be fortunate in attending one of the concerts that take place on the park grounds between each period.

Fort Canning Park is one of the best tourist places in Singapore

• You can rest in the restaurant south of the garden, have a delicious meal with drinks, and enjoy the ambiance and views of the green nature around you.
• You can visit the National Museum in Singapore, which is the oldest museum in Singapore and displays the history of Singapore over the past centuries through its historical collections and advanced digital displays.

The National Museum of Singapore

Hotels near Fort Canning Park Singapore

Fort Canning Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Singapore located in the heart of Fort Canning Park Singapore
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Somerset Liang Court Singapore is a 4-star Singapore hotel located a short distance from Fort Canning Park
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Fort Canning Park Singapore site

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