The city of Khamis Mushait is an ancient historical city that bears the fingerprints of successive civilizations and has a history glorified so it is an important kiss for tourists throughout the year as it is one of the best tourism cities in Saudi Arabia

Khamis mushayt hotels cheap

Khamis Mushayt has several historical villages full of monuments and recreational attractions. The city also contains chains from hotels and resorts to luxury apartments.
In this article, we offer you a comprehensive guide to the top 6 cheap Khamis Mushayt hotels and some of their advantages and reviews of previous visitors to help you make the best choice.

Al Raha Horizons Hotel

Afaq Al Raha Hotel offers a variety of accommodation options, providing rooms, apartments and studio among the best cheap Khamis Mushayt hotels.
The hotel also offers soundproofed rooms, air-conditioned and some have facilities for people with special needs. The hotel also has a jacuzzi and is 19.8 km away from Abha International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Afaq Al Raha Hotel is rated very good on site, comfort, cleanliness, staff performance, and value for money.
There are notes on the lack of some facilities in the rooms.

Cheap hotels in Khamis Mushait

Golden Square Hotel Apartments

Golden Square Hotel is located 20.8 km from Abha International Airport and three hours from the happiness park and the city’s attractions. The hotel offers integrated apartments with a distinctive view and is one of the best cheap Khamis Mushayt hotels.
The hotel provides soundproof rooms suitable for families, non-smoking and disabled guests, and there is a Jacuzzi, a terrace and a restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Golden Square Hotel received excellent reviews on site, staff performance, comfort, cleanliness and value for money.

Khamis Mushayt hotels and their prices

Al Raha Rotana Hotel

The hotel offers luxury hotel apartments and suites at affordable prices and is one of the best cheap Khamis Mushayt hotels.
The hotel features health and leisure facilities such as fitness center, jacuzzi, sauna, children’s playground, billiard hall and table tennis. There is a business center and chapel.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated good on site, comfort, cleanliness and staff performance.

Cheap Khamis Mushayt hotels

Ghada Tower Hotel

One of the best cheap Khamis Mushayt hotels, it is located in a lively location near parks and shopping centers, as well as it is 21.1 kilometers from Abha International Airport.
The hotel is surrounded by a picturesque garden, and offers a suite for grooms, family rooms, rooms for people with special needs besides the car rental service, and it offers reasonable prices, and it is among the cheap Khamis Mushayt hotels

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received good reviews on site, comfort, cleanliness, as well as professional staff.
There is a complaint about the lack of some room facilities.

Hotels in Khamis Mushait cheap

Golden Square Hotel

Located 20.8 km from Abha International Airport, Golden Square Hotel provides a group of luxurious air-conditioned hotel apartments and suites with a great view. It is classified as one of the best Khamis Mushayt hotels and prices are cheap.
The hotel has a hot tub, free parking, a 24-hour front desk and free internet access.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received excellent reviews on staff performance, location, comfort, cleanliness, quietness and value for money.

Khamis Mushayt hotels cheap

Luxury Suites hotels

Camellia Hotel is located in the middle of a group of shopping centers, entertainment places and cafes, and is less than half an hour from Abha International Airport.
Family rooms, non-smoking rooms and parking available, one of the most important Khamis Mushayt hotels and affordable prices.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Luxury Suites Hotel rated good on site, comfort, and staff, while some complained of poor hygiene in the rooms.

Khamis mushayt hotels cheap

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