One of the most important tourist destinations in Bandung, Ciwidey region is located an hour and a half drive from Lambang near Bandung City and is located in the south of it at a distance of 55 km. The mountain area is high with cold air and cool air.
This region is one of the largest tea plantations in West Java.
Tea plantations in Chibodi, one of the most beautiful and wonderful Java plantations, are wonderful natural scenery, what distinguishes them is that they are located between mountains and green hills that extend at high altitude, you will feel among the clouds, in addition to the cool cold air that leaves a lasting impression with the beauty of the landscape of visitors.

Chipode Bandung tea plantations, Indonesia

There are two types of local commodities produced here, tea and quinine which are used for multiple therapeutic purposes that have been used by local residents since ancient times, and it is currently used in the manufacture of many drugs.

Tea plantation is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Bandung Indonesia

Chibody tea plantation is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bandung, Indonesia

Activities you can do

• One of the most beautiful areas of tourism in Indonesia, where you have this wonderful green rug and the fresh air. You and your friends will enjoy a lot of fun walking between the wonderful tea trees and the indescribable clean air. Maybe you are lucky enough to see a number of clouds near you, you will feel that you are almost touching them!

Chipode tea plantation is one of the best tourist places in Bandung, Indonesia

• For adventure lovers, you can organize long walks to walk with your friends, or hang on ropes and fly from a height of 300 m and go down to the wonderful parasols to the bottom of the area over the green fields.

Tea plantation in Bandung Indonesia

• Seeing Indonesian farmers and farmers during their work from the early morning hours until evening, and the possibility of seeing how to make tea in the Golden Mountain factory there.
• Enjoying a cup of fresh tea from the farms there in one of the stalls on the side of the road everywhere, and you can also eat a delicious corn grilled on charcoal.

Chipode tea plantation is one of the best places to visit in Bandung, Indonesia

• If you are a fan of safari and camping, you can rent a tent and camp there and spend the best times outdoors as a rover and explore the place on your own.

Chipode Bandung tea plantations, Indonesia

• For photography lovers, you can take the most beautiful and wonderful pictures especially in the morning sunrise and share them with your friends, and also as a souvenir from your trip to the tea plantations in Chibodi.

Bandung tea plantations Indonesia

• You can go from there to the nearby lake, Lake Seto Batingan, which enjoys the most wonderful landscapes and enjoy hot drinks, the most important of which is fresh refreshing tea, of course in cafes, restaurants, and simple stalls scattered along roads and paths. Bustling city.

Lake beside tea plantations in Chibodi

Top hotels in Pondong near tea plantations in Chibodi

Best Western Premier Le Grand Hotel is one of the best 4-star Bandung hotels, 900 meters from Braga City Walk, although relatively far away, it is a very special hotel, worth a try.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel received very good reviews on cleanliness, comfort, location, staff, services.
Hotel reservation
The 3-star Deryam Resort is 5.7 km from Chibody and a 20-minute drive from the beautiful Kawah Putih Lake.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The resort got good reviews on cleanliness, comfort, and location, some warned against going out at night due to insects due to the many trees and plants.
Hotel reservation

The location of tea plantations in Chibodi

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