On your way to the state of Muscat and at the entrance to the state specifically, you will find a high-rise architectural gate that fascinates the eye, and on its sides is a large wide staircase that leads you automatically to the Museum of Muscat Gate, which tells you in detail the history of the Sultanate of Oman and deepens inside the ancient human settlements and prehistoric times.
The Muscat Gate Museum is an architectural masterpiece from the outside and a civilized treasure from the interior located inside the Muscat Gate. It was built in 1995 to be identical to the old Muscat Gate style in terms of name, but it does not close its doors to visitors at night as it was doing the old Muscat Gate. It is worth noting that The museum attaches great importance and preference to all other museums in Muscat and the tourist attractions in general

The best things to do in the Muscat Gate Museum

• You can learn about wells, ancient water channels, underground aflaj, as well as the water springs in Muscat Governorate through the museum.

Muscat Gate Museum

• You can enjoy learning about the ancient neighborhoods, as the museum contains many paintings that explain the natural nature of life in ancient Muscat before the 1970’s.

Muscat Gate Museum in Oman

• You can explore the ancient civilization civilization established by the Portuguese in Muscat, including the Bruges and the castles of Muscat, as well as dams.

Gate Museum in Muscat, Oman

• Go back in history with paintings detailing the architectural style of ancient Muscat alongside traditional houses and the most important structures built in the mid-nineteenth century.

• If you love history and follow the rulers ’achievements, you can know the beginning of the rule of Al-Busaid in 1744 AD until the era of the rule of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and the most important achievements in the periods of rule.

The Muscat Gate Museum

• You can see the nature of the commercial life of Oman in ancient times, where paintings showcasing the trade in ancient Muscat in dates, wood and fish with the countries of India and East African countries.

• Finally, you can enjoy watching the sound and light shows explaining the nature of the environment in Muscat, Omani life, and the history of Muscat, which is rich in both Arabic and English.

times of work

The Museum of Muscat Gate opens its doors to its visitors for all days of the week from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM except Friday and Saturday.

The best Muscat hotels near the Muscat Gate Museum

Sheraton Oman Hotel is one of the best hotels in Muscat near the Muscat Gate Museum, which is 8.6 kilometers from the museum.

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Some commented that some bathroom facilities were incomplete.

Muttrah Hotel is one of the best two star hotels in Amman, a favorite for visitors, as it boasts a lively location near tourist attractions, the most important of which is the Palace of Science Museum, which is located just 5.4 kilometers.

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Muscat Gate Museum website

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