Mtatsminda Park, one of the most prominent recreational places in Tbilisi, is a popular destination for young and old families.
The theme park is located on top of Mtatsminda Mountain, which rises 770 meters and overlooks the capital, Tbilisi.
It is also considered one of the oldest recreational parks in Tbilisi and Georgia in general, with its history dating back more than 100 years.

Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi, Georgia

The park includes various games, some of which are suitable for the family and others for children only, some of which are intended for young people and lovers of excitement, so it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Georgia

Things to do in Mtatsminda Tbilisi Park

• First you can climb the mountain cable car that Tbilisi is famous for, to reach Mtatsminda Park, where you can enjoy watching the Tbilisi city and its attractions from above.

Mtatsminda Park in Tbilisi, Georgia

• In the garden there is a large area for picnics, where you can walk around or sit and enjoy the scenes around you through the high garden site above Tbilisi.
• You will definitely not miss riding the huge Ferris wheel, it is the most famous and most important landmark in this park, you can enjoy a ride in one of its vehicles and see the scenic views from above.

Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi, Georgia

• For those with strong hearts and lovers of excitement, you can ride the fast train, which takes you on a crazy journey up and down and very quickly.

Mtatsminda Park is one of the most important entertainment venues in Tbilisi, Georgia

• Your children have a great fun in the Mtatsminda Park, which includes many fun games suitable for them.

Mtatsminda Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Tbilisi, Georgia

• There are many stores that sell souvenirs in the city of games. You can buy what you like from there.
• You can sit in one of the cafes within the park and get a refreshing drink or snack.

Mtatsminda Park tickets prices in Tbilisi

Free entrance to the park
2 Larry Georgy ticket price for any game

Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi Park Hotels – Tbilisi

At Home 3-star hotel This hotel is one of the best in Tbilisi, about 4 km from the park
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews for the cleanliness, location, staff.
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The David 3-star hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Georgia, about 3.5 km from the park
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel was rated excellent for the location, cleanliness, staff, services, and comfort.
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The Mtatsminda Park site in Tbilisi

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