Black Forest Baden baden is considered one of the most important and beautiful tourist attractions in Germany, because it contains many lakes, vast green areas and large waterfalls, which attract tourists from all over the world.
These forests are located in the state of Baden-Württemberg and are surrounded by several rural cities and villages, and the reason for their name is due to the presence of dense coniferous forests covered in black inside, and the black forests are among the most wonderful natural places in the city and therefore they attract millions of nature lovers for hiking and other activities It may take days to enjoy all of them.
Black forests also attract photography lovers to capture the most beautiful natural scenery, so black forests are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Baden-Baden.

Black Forest Baden-Baden

Things to do in the Black Forest Baden-Baden

You can take an exploratory tour in the Black Forest of Baden-Baden, admire the breathtaking scenery and breathe the fresh air from the thick leaves of coniferous trees.

Black Forest Baden-Baden

• After visiting the forests and enjoying the wonderful view and the intertwining of the trees that make you feel like you are inside an artistic painting, you can wander a little and visit the wonderful lakes that are contained in the forests such as Lake Constance, and you can also pass through the wonderful rural villages to learn about rural life in Germany such as Feldberg.

• You can also visit some of the castles and churches in the forest area, which date back to many centuries such as the Freiburg Cathedral, as well as visit museums and ancient palaces through which you will get to know a part of the history of this ancient country.

• You can go to the Big Triberg Waterfall in the middle of the forest, which is one of Germany’s tallest waterfalls, and take souvenir photos on the bridge around it.

Black Forest Baden-Baden

• Fans of exciting activities can head to the summit of Feldberg in the heart of the Black Forest in Baden-Baden to practice many of their favorite hobbies such as: balloon riding, paragliding and paragliding.

Black Forest Baden-Baden

• Lovers of the famous German cuckoo clocks can reach a village near the black forests and get one of those beautiful and famous hours in the region to remain a memory of visiting the black forests.

Black Forest Baden-Baden

Finally, before completing your fun and exciting trip to all parts of the forest, do not forget to buy souvenirs for the family as honey of the black forest, which is well known for its many benefits, and do not forget to try eating the famous black forest candy that bears the name of the forests through the specialized stores in this.

Hotels near Black Forest

The Central Hotel is one of the best 4-star Baden-Baden hotels, located in the district of Wellingen Schwenningen, in the middle of the Black Forest.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received an excellent evaluation of cleanliness, location, staff, amenities, comfort, value for money and free Wi-Fi.
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The Dormero Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Germany, located in the district of Villingen-Schwenningen, in the heart of the Black Forest.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated well for facilities, staff, location, and amenities.
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The location of the Black Forest on the map

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