Ketam Island is located near the city of Selangor Pulau Ketam off the coast of Port Klang and in the tidal area and is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Malaysia.
The island is home to some ancient Chinese villages, whose founding dates back to the eighties of the nineteenth century AD, and has been in the fishing profession ever since.
The main village on the south side of the island is known by the name of the island itself and the other village on the northeastern side is Songhai Lima.
Kitam Island in Selangor is characterized by its floating houses perched on wooden stilts about 10 meters above sea level.
Bicycles and motorbikes are the main means of transportation within the villages, and the only means of transport between boats, and can be reached by ferry.

Kitam Island is one of the best tourist island in Malaysia

Activities you can do

• You can start enjoying taking some pictures on one of the daily cruises from the mainland, heading to Kitam Island in Selangor.

A cruise towards Kitam Island

• When the yacht approaches you near the island of Kitam Island in Selangor, take some memorial photos of its floating homes.

Floating homes on Kitam Island

• When you reach the harbor, rent a bicycle from a store, as it is the only kind of transportation on Kitam Island in Selangor.

Bicycles on Kitam Island

• The island is famous for fishing crab or crab, which you must eat on the balcony of a restaurant overlooking the sea.

Kitam Island restaurants

Then you can visit Kitam village and tour the neighborhoods, as it is considered the main village on the island, located on the southern side of it.

Kitam village on Kitam Island

You can also visit the second village that comprises Kitam Island in Selangor, located on the northeastern side of it, and its name is Sungai Lima.

Songhai Lima Kitam Island

You can certainly enjoy the various water sports offered by the villages on the island, especially boat trips and water skiing.

Water skiing on Kitam Island

Selangor Kitam Island Hotels – Selangor

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Villa Fayrouz Hana Hotel is one of the best 5 star Selangor hotels with exceptional ratings, and it is 8.3 km from Kitam Island in Selangor.
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Kitam Island, Selangor location on Google Map

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