Putrajaya Lake is an artificial lake constructed in 2014 in the heart of Selangor City, to be a natural and pollution-free cooling center.
Lake Putrajaya is an attractive artificial tourism landmark, because of its entertainment and tourism attractions that overlook its waters, and one of the most important places of tourism in Selangor.

The most beautiful lakes of Selangor Putrajaya Lake

Things to do in Lake Putrajaya in Selangor:

• Putrajaya Lake in Selangor enables you to take a fictional tour of it with a rowing boat for you, your family, your friends, or even alone.

Lake Putrajaya is one of Selangor's most beautiful sights

• Or you can take a tour on an air-conditioned closed boat carrying 75 tourists accompanied by a guide explaining each teacher.

Lake Putrajaya in Selangor is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions

• As you wander through the Putrajaya Lake in Selangor, you can make your tour richer and visit its most famous landmarks such as the Putra Pink Mosque, Blue Mosque or House of Ministers and other attractive places.

Putrajaya Lake in Selangor

• Putrajaya Lake in Selangor also enables you to practice fishing as it is an artificial lake, but it is rich in marine life.
• Do not miss yourself seeing the Putrajaya Lake in Selangor sunset and at night, when all the lights of its surrounding landmarks are lit and brightened and decorated by their reflection on its waters.

Artificial lake in Putrajaya Lake in Selangor

• Do not forget to take a camera with you to take beautiful photographs that will be remembered.

The most beautiful tour of Putrajaya Lake in Selangor

End your tour with a delicious dinner on board a steamship or at a restaurant overlooking Putrajaya Lake in Selangor.

The coolest activities on Putrajaya Lake in Selangor

Top hotels near Putrajaya Lake

Le Meridien Putrajaya is one of the best 5 star Selangor hotels located 8 km from Lake Putrajaya.
Summary of Arab visitors’ reviews of the hotel
Excellent rating for comfort, staff, cleanliness and location.
Hotel reservation
The Everly Putrajaya Hotel is one of the best 4-star Selangor Malaysia hotels, less than 15 minutes by car from the lake.
Summary of Arab visitors’ reviews of the hotel
Very well rated in terms of services, cleanliness and location.
Hotel reservation

Putrajaya location on the map

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