Bahu Fort is located approximately 5 km from Jammu in Kashmir, and is the oldest edifice built in it. This historic fort contains a temple of the Indian goddess Kali, the god who heads Jammu.
The fort is one of the attractions of Kashmir and one of the tourist places in India

Bahu Fortress in Kashmir

The fort was built on a high plateau overlooking one of the most beautiful forests on the one hand, and on the other side the most beautiful forests. This view alone attracts a large number of local residents and foreign tourists.
The fort is distinguished by its tall height, which reaches 325 meters in height. It is characterized by its thick walls made of sandstone and reinforced brick and consists of eight high observation towers that damage the fort from all directions.

Bahu Fortress in Kashmir India

There is a side dedicated to the famous Shakti Temple within that large castle and it is a small temple that can accommodate only a few worshipers or recent visitors.

Bahu Fort is one of the most popular tourist places in Kashmir

In recent years, many innovations and improvements have been added to attract visitors, such as the decorated garden, several fountains, and a comfortable cable car system.

Bahu Fortress in the Kashmir Valley

The best activities at Bahu Fort in Kashmir

Take a tour of the fort and freely wander around the built fortress and its walls and see the architectural style on which it was built, as the high rise of the fence and towers.

Bahu Fort is one of the best landmarks of Kashmir

• A major major festival is held annually around the perimeter of the fence, you will probably be able to attend and witness the most important festive ceremonies and ceremonies in the place.

Bahu Kashmir Fort

• You can climb to the top of the towers surrounding the castle on the wall and enjoy panoramic views of the plain and the river that the wall overlooks.
• Hiking and relaxing in the garden among the fountains, trees and colorful flowers, and if you like to ride a cable car or small boats, you will find them there in addition to many recreational activities.

Bahu Fortress in Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in India

• Entering the temple and watching the performances and religious rituals inside it, and wandering inside the secret passages, underground rooms and many archaeological sites.

Bahu Fortress, Kashmir

• The shrine and its walls are surrounded by many kiosks and shops, you can enjoy shopping and choose souvenirs suitable for your friends and loved ones after your return.

Bahu Fortress in Kashmir

• Take dozens of beautiful photographs of the fort, temple or magnificent gardens all of these places in one location combined will entice you to keep each other as memorial photos after your return.

Bahu Fortress is one of the best tourist places in Kashmir

• Enjoying a visit to the aquarium and watching the wonderful colorful fish will be a popular activity for children.

Hotels near Pahoe Fort in Kashmir

The KC Residence is a 4-star hotel in Kashmir, 1.2 km from the Pahu Kashmir Fort

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Gupta Resort is a 3-star hotel in India, Kashmir, 1.5 km from Bahu Kashmir Fort

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Baho Fortress site in Kashmir

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