One of the most prominent tourist places in Singapore and annually visited by millions of tourists to watch the tools of the global cinema industry in countries and enjoy the experience of distinct types of games, the Universal Studios famous park located on Sentosa Island.
Universal Studio includes 7 exciting places that invite tourists to discover and spend a special time inside:
Hollywood, New York, the future, ancient Egypt, the lost world, fantasy film celebrities, Madagascar

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Things to do in Universal Studio Theme Park

• At the beginning of your journey, upon entering Universal Studio, you will see the first exciting places, which is the Hollywood area famous for its distinguished buildings surrounded by palm trees, neon lights, a walkway of stars and celebrities, in which you see the most famous real and cartoon characters in Hollywood. You can also try wearing distinctive Hollywood hats.

Universal Studios Singapore

• After completing the Hollywood area, you will feel as if you have moved to the truly ancient city of New York, where you see buildings and restaurants designed in the American style. You also see the places of classic shows and action scenes, a unique experience that you will never forget.
• As you enter the future area of ​​SCI-FI CITY, you will see the distinctive Transformers’ shows. You can also experience a distinct experience in the Battle of the Converts in great interactive games.
And for adults, do not miss the opportunity to play with Roller Coaster Star Wars, it is one of the most famous and exciting games in Universal Studio.

Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park in Sentosa

• If you are with your children, do not miss the opportunity to enter the ancient Egypt region, where children spend a time full of excitement and fun in the treasure exploration tour, as you will be amazed by the vision of the Egyptian pyramids and statues.
The experience of riding a mummy tour is just as fun as it is in this area of ​​Universal Studio.

Universal Studios amusement park in Singapore

• If you are a fan of adventures and forests, you must visit the Jurassic Park, which is one of the two parts of the lost world region, where you spend a fun time in the tropical forests and see the dinosaurs in it
The other part of the lost world is the water world, where you can enjoy a water tour around the Jurassic Park with a trip full of excitement and excitement with the most famous actors.

Universal Studios Theme Park in Sentosa, Singapore

• You can visit the FAR FAR AWAY Fantasy Film Celebrity Zone, where you will see the famous character Shrek and Al-Hur Abu Al-Jazmeh, the famous palace and the rest of the famous graphic movie characters.
• When you arrive in the region of Madagascar, you will have an opportunity to spend the most enjoyable times with family and children among the famous cartoon movie “Madagascar” and take the most beautiful pictures to make yourself feel one of the movie’s characters.

Universal Studios amusement park, Sentosa, Singapore

• On your visit to this wonderful place, do not miss the opportunity to take the most beautiful souvenir photos, and you can also enjoy a rest in one of the restaurants available there and do not forget to buy also souvenirs from the gift shops located in Universal Studio.

work hours

Everyday from 10:00 in the morning until 07:00 in the evening.

Entry prices

For adults: 68 Singapore Dollars.
For children 4-12 years: 50 Singapore Dollars.

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Universal Studios Singapore website

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