Belgrad forest istanbul is one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul and one of the tourist places in Istanbul that attracts tourists coming to it from everywhere with its picturesque nature that urges recreation and tranquility through dense vegetation and wild life spread over an area of ​​5300 hectares (15 km) of which 700 thousand meters open to the public.
Belgrade forests are located in Istanbul close to the Thracian Peninsula and Sisli and Kilyos regions, and it is one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul for relaxing amateurs and one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul
To know the most important activities that can be taken when visiting the Belgrade Istanbul gardens in pictures, and the best hotels near them, you can follow our report.

The most important activities that can be carried out in the Belgrade Gardens Istanbul

• Belgrade Istanbul is an ideal spot for relaxing and relaxing walks by organizing and managing group safari tours among the most beautiful scenic.

• As you stroll through the Belgrade Gardens, Istanbul, you can enjoy watching and photographing various species of animals, reptiles and wild birds such as ducks while swimming in the picturesque lakes of Belgrade.
Belgrade Park in Istanbul

• You can also enjoy hiking in 11 parks, including the forest area, and watch the varied and rare species of huge trees and dense plants that characterize the Belgrade forests in Istanbul, such as pine, oak Anatolia and fir, and others.

Istanbul Belgrade Gardens

You can also visit the Ataturk Arboretum in the Belgrade Park in Istanbul, which houses a wide range of the rarest local and international plant species and roses of nearly 2,000 species.
• When visiting Belgrade Istanbul, you can also get acquainted with the historical irrigation system used in it since the Byzantine period, that is, since the 18th century, which depends on huge water tanks used to irrigate the varieties of their plants in accordance with each species.
• You can also go hiking or riding during sunny summers on the designated tracks, or camping and having a delicious meal of barbecues in the fresh air.

Belgrade forests in Istanbul

• The Belgrade forests in Istanbul are home to seven clear lakes connected to the city by bridges passing over the water, and are ideal for an additional dose of recreation, relaxation and enjoying the picturesque nature.

The forests of Belgrade Istanbul

• After long walks through the huge forest area, you must have felt hungry. At this moment, you should head to the elegant restaurants and cafes area of ​​Belgrade Park in Istanbul for a delicious meal with a delicious refreshing drink.
• If you prefer to dine while enjoying a unique view of the sea, you can visit Beyk Chef Istanbul Restaurant near Belgrade.

The forests of Belgrade Istanbul

• When leaving the forest, you can head to one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul to complete the identification of the city, which is the wonderful Ataturk Park, Solar Beach Istanbul or Kilyos Beach located in the region of Kilyos in the north.

How to get to the forests of Belgrade Istanbul

Belgrade Park in Istanbul can be reached from Taksim by riding the M2 metro to Hacıosman Station and then the 42HM bus towards Bahçeköy then walking 5 minutes to Belgrade Istanbul where the road takes about an hour.

entrance fees

One Turkish lira in the event of a desire to enter and wander inside the forest area by foot, while the entry fee increases to 5 lira if entering a car.

Top hotels near the Belgrade forest of Istanbul

Grand Trabia Istanbul Hotel is a 5-star rating from the distinctive Istanbul hotel by the sea. It is 8.8 km from the Belgrade Forest
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got excellent reviews in all respects
Hotel reservation
Somerset Maslak Istanbul is one of the best hotel apartments in Istanbul, 7.30 km from the park

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Great reviews for amenities, staff, amenities, cleanliness, and location.
Hotel reservation

The Belgrade Istanbul forest site

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