Airbnb has unveiled the most important business travel trends for 2020, which reflect a significant increase in the number of trips to Latin America and Africa, in addition to the focus of travelers on taking advantage of different experiences while traveling.

Dubai is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, attracting visitors and tourists from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. As a world trade center and a growing destination for foreign investment.

Below is a snapshot of the business travelers’ trends during 2020

Moving away from traditional business travel destinations: remarkable growth in orientation towards Latin America, Asia and Africa. As the main business travel destinations listed on Airbnb, such as London, Paris, New York and Sydney, continue to grow, we are seeing the highest annual growth rate for flights to locations in regions such as Latin America and Africa.

Some of the fastest growing destinations among business travelers include Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea and South Africa, including:

Mar del Plata, Argentina: bookings increase 624% year on year
Guaruja, Brazil: bookings increased 594% year-on-year
Aguascalientes, Mexico: bookings increased 594% year-on-year
Gwangju, Korea: bookings increased 520% ​​year on year
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa: reservations increased by 465% year on year

Teamwork trips continue to grow, and group travelers focus on historical as well as scenic spots.

The most popular group business travel destinations around the world include cities in Malaysia, Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico and the United States, including:

Ipoh, Malaysia
Guaruja, Brazil
Tagaytay, Philippines
Acapulco, Mexico
Mammoth Lakes, California

Some travelers pre-plan travel plans, while others make reservations at the last minute. For all travelers who benefit from Airbnb services, the flight is booked in advance more than 35 days in advance. But business travelers book flights within a shorter period of time – business trips are booked more than 20 days on average.

Business travelers from cities in Taiwan, the United States, and Germany are keen to book in advance of the longest period of time, and business travelers from France, Norway and Mexico make reservations in advance of the shortest period of time, and globally, male travelers book reservations for flights 32 days in advance, while they book For business trips up to 19 days in advance, on average, while female travelers book reservations for their trips are 40 days before, while business trips are booked 27 days in advance, on average, and business travelers focus on exploring the components of local culture by testing active experiences and exploring cities during DONC business trips.

Business travelers from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany book most experiences when traveling on business and while traveling.

Some of the world’s most attractive bookings experiences for business travelers include:

A tour to explore the most prominent secrets and potentials of Paris
Jazz and funk experiences in Lake House (San Francisco)
The best flavors in Lisbon
City Learning Tour Walking Tour (Toronto)
Ronion Canyon Park with Guard Dog (Los Angeles)

Top business travel destinations in 2019
Top business travel destinations in 2020

    Group travelers focus on historical destinations

Group travelers focus on historical destinations

Stay away from traditional business travel destinations
Stay away from traditional business travel destinations

An overview of the trends of business travelers during the year 2019
An overview of the trends of business travelers during the year 2020

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