The concept of “internal holidays” is based on spending a vacation in one city for a few days and exploring all its aspects and landmarks. The idea is simple here. Instead of traveling in an entire country during your vacation, this type of vacation is focused on one city at a time, preferably a city close to where you live.
Thus, the concept of “internal holidays” focuses on slowing while enjoying your vacation in an atmosphere of rest and relaxation, and thanks to these holidays, traveling to new global cities with amazing features will be an unforgettable experience.

1- Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon's top ten-cities-holidays-2017_160977977_ Lisbon
This beautiful city has a poetic appearance reflected in the rising sunshine over its buildings built in the old Gothic style, narrow cobbled alleys, its historical marine façade, as well as a rich collection of varied local food dishes and popular music. Also the prices for flights to Lisbon and the cost of hotel accommodation are not high, which makes it one of the top European destinations for 2020.

2- Hong Kong, China

The most prominent ten-cities-for-internal-holidays-in-2017_85779664_Hong-Kong

Hong Kong has maintained its unique history and traditions along with its distinctive environment and Chinese cuisine, and is well known for its festive atmosphere during New Year and Chinese New Year. It includes many attractions such as the Victoria Summit, famous for its charming views, in addition to some of the most prominent amusement parks such as “Hong Kong Disneyland” and “Hong Kong Ocean Park”, which makes it an ideal family destination for 2020.

3- Cape Town, South Africa

The most prominent ten-cities-for-internal-holidays-in-2017_100673464_ Cape Town
Cape Town in South Africa is a cosmopolitan city, with its scenic coastal roads, many famous landmarks, cultural museums and art galleries, as well as various culinary arts and ideal places for sports. The Cape Town vacation will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and great enjoyment, especially through wild safari trips in parks and large national parks.

4- Seoul, South Korea

The most prominent ten-cities-for-internal-holidays-in-2017-402072391_ torrents
Seoul is an attractive and charming city, in which the historical and civilizational richness of South Korea is reflected, and the great radical transformation that made it a major economic power. Skyscrapers, historic mansions, temples, national parks and contemporary urban gatherings fill this wonderful city that never sleeps.

5- Reykjavik, Iceland

Top 10-cities-for-internal-holidays-in-2017_398496772 Reykjavik
It is the capital in the far north of the world, Reykjavik is small in size if you compare it to capitals like London or Paris, but it is characterized by incomparable magic and mystery. The city includes some of the most prominent museums and art galleries documenting Scandinavian history and heritage, and offers frequent adventures and activities such as watching the lights of the aurora borealis or visiting the waterfalls “Ghost”.

6- Mexico City, Mexico

The most prominent ten-cities-for-internal-holidays-in-2017_104705381_mexico-city
Mexico City returns to the forefront this year, witnessing a cultural renaissance and ongoing construction and development work after it became one of the safest cities in Mexico. The city also has a rich history and impressive architecture, along with traditional festivals and celebrations, rich museums, historical monuments and contemporary architecture.

7- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The most prominent ten-cities-for-internal-holidays-in-2017_222100381_ Dubai
Dubai, the leading city in the Middle East, has redefined concepts of luxury, hospitality and entertainment, by providing the best to its visitors through its luxurious shopping malls, hotels and attractions such as “Dubai Aquarium” and “Dubai Ski World” and “Miracle Dubai” parks, among others. Travelers can also experience an authentic Emirati experience by camping in the desert, or sailing through the Dubai Creek.

8- Penang, Malaysia

Top Ten-Cities-Inner-Holiday-In-2017_247238275_ Penang
This Malaysian city has made itself world famous through its local cuisine which is considered the best in the whole East Asia region. Its historic town of Georgetown has preserved its colonial era heritage. One of the major cities in Malaysia, where its visitors can roam the streets and enjoy various Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian cuisine.

9- Melbourne, Australia

The most prominent ten-cities-for-internal-holidays-in-2017_251154571_ Melbourne
Melbourne kicks off the New Year as usual by hosting the Australian Tennis Open, the first of the annual Grand Slams. Melbourne also has a modern civilization character and great interest in art, in addition to infrastructures of the best international standards.

10- Vancouver, Canada

The most prominent ten-cities-for-internal-holidays-in-2017_130173344_ Vancouver
Vancouver exceeded its French-style counterparts, Montreal, and Toronto, the cosmopolitan city, and became among the elite of Canadian cities with its rich cultural heritage, in addition to its attractive tourist attractions and the beauty of its natural scenery. It is a city where breathtaking scenes blend with innovative ideas, and the finest contemporary Asian restaurants alongside traditional Japanese, Chinese and Indian restaurants, as well as many beautiful landmarks such as “Stanley Park” and “Capilano” suspension bridge and “Granville Island”.

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