Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is the only capital in the world that borders the borders of three independent countries, namely Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. The Austrian capital Vienna is only 65 km away, and Budapest, the Hungarian capital, is 200 km away, so Vienna Airport is only 40 minutes away by car from the city, which means that it is an ideal option for tourists to stay, especially since its prices are lower compared to the nearby Vienna.

The capital is characterized by its distinguished geographical and geographical location, and the city is one of the Danube cities, as the famous river penetrates it to add more beauty and attractiveness to this city, which turned into a capital when the Czech and Slovak states seceded in 1993 without forgetting that it also contains a number of universities, museums and galleries. , And the most geographically characterized by it is that it borders three European capitals.
Bratislava is considered to have a rich historical heritage as it played a prominent role in the period from 1536-1783, as it was the capital of the Habsburg Kingdom as it was part of the borders of the Romen Empire, and benefited from its experiences in agriculture, and many festivals dating to the era of the Habsburg Kingdom are held annually in the city, especially in the month of June.
Tourism in Bratislava: Bratislava is a tourist resort full of tourist places, as it includes many ancient buildings.
It is also a family destination, as it provides many activities for visitors from families, including parks, animal gardens, entertainment places and various facilities that suit the family’s tourist needs.
Most active sights in Bratislava:
First: Bratislava Castle: It is a huge, rectangular building with four observation towers on each corner
Built in the ninth century, it is located on a hill beside the Danube. This castle was once the seat of city rulers, and the history of the castle is associated with many legends.

Second: The Prayamat Palace: The Prayamat Palace was built from 1778 to 1781 in place of the original palace belonging to the Archbishop of Aztargum. The facade of the palace is in the classic style decorated with statues and vases. The 17.

Third: The Old Town Square and Hall: It is considered the oldest stone building still standing inside the capital, and it includes a museum of the history of the city and a tower that provides views of the opposite square and the surrounding buildings.

Fourth: The UFO Bridge or the Slovak National Bridge: It is a bridge over the Danube in Bratislava. Therefore, it is considered a symbol of the city. It is the seventh largest bridge suspended by steel wires in the world. The bridge is 430 meters long, 21 meters wide and weighs 537 tons. The bridge is surpassed by the UFO Tower and has a luxurious restaurant.

Fifth: The TV tower in Kamzik: It is the television tower and the second highest point in the capital, Bratislava. The tower is located on Kamzik ​​Hill, the top of the tower provides panoramic views of the city of Bratislava, and the tower has a luxury restaurant.

Gardens :
Sixth: The Botanical Garden in Bratislava: The present botanical garden was established in the 1950s, it is the first of its kind in Slovakia and the only botanical garden in Bratislava, it includes thousands of species of tropical and sub-tropical plants and plants, cactuses and palm trees, and it has a flower garden that contains more than 150 A delightful type, the park includes two water pools with colorful fish and frogs.

Seventh: Bratislava Zoo: One of the largest zoos in Slovakia, located on an area of ​​240 acres, which includes more than 1300 of 152 species of animals, includes the Dino Park which is a dinosaur park with mock-up models of dinosaurs in addition to the House of Giraffes and the desert region of beauty A great pavilion for monkeys and other animals.

Eighth: The Blue Church: It is located in the eastern part of the old town, and it has a distinctive design, where the external facade has a blue and mosaic color, and its doors are blue, it has a circular tower, surrounded by tall green trees and walking paths.

Exhibitions :
Ninth: Z Gallery: The Z Gallery started its work in 1996, an exhibition dedicated to works of art with geometric shapes, displaying contemporary fine art for artists from Slovakia as well as international artists.

Tenth: Satellite Gallery (Satellite Gallery): It is an art gallery specialized in works related to graphics, industry and architecture. The main aim of the exhibition is to develop design in the country, and it works under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture in the Slovak Republic. The exhibition organizes lectures, seminars and workshops, some The displayed works can be purchased.

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