Tourism and its importance

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Tourism is known as spending time outside the home in order to obtain entertainment, relaxation, and pleasure, in addition to benefiting from commercial services, and tourism interferes with activities, interests, and other practices such as Hajj, and several minor secondary categories of tourism have emerged recently, such as: Business tourism, medical tourism, and sports tourism.

The benefits of tourism

Tourism offers many benefits for both tourist destinations and host places, as it represents one of the important industries that contribute to raising income at the national and private levels, and the tourism industry helps to create a large number of job opportunities in many areas such as hotels, car rental offices, and restaurants , Souvenir shops, service stations and more.

The importance of tourism

Tourism helps attract many visitors from all over the world to tourist countries, and the importance of tourism can be limited to the following points:

  • Achieving economic progress: Tourism helps support foreign exchange reserves, and contributes to the generation of foreign currency in the country, as India, despite the global recession, managed to achieve a 6.9% growth in the tourism sector, bringing its profits in 2010 to 42 billion dollars.
  • upgrading the infrastructure: Tourism contributes to developing areas of infrastructure such as building dams and roads, developing airports, connecting them with other, and other activities that help the tourist to reach his destination better.
  • Achieving social progress: Tourism contributes to creating cultural exchange between peoples, as it encourages societal progress, so tourists learn how to show feelings of love, respect, and tolerance and spread them between each other when visiting new places.
  • Publishing cultural heritage: Tourism helps clarify the cultural, artistic, historical and aesthetic aspect of the host country, and it also helps tourists to carry some of the cultural concepts, local skills, language and arts and transfer them to other places that they may visit in the future.


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