The waterfront in Dammam is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist destinations in Dammam, it is called King Abdullah Park, which is located west of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Street, and opposite it is the recreational island of Dolphin and Al Marjan Island, and it is considered a distinguished location on the beachfront and sandy beach, and given Because of its large and wide area, it is considered one of the important and distinguished projects for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Arab travelers help you get to know the waterfront in Dammam.

Dammam waterfront

It is considered one of the largest projects undertaken by the Kingdom because it is built on a large area of ​​4 kilometers, and contains a lot of means that help you enjoy this waterfront, and the allocation of recreational places not only for adults wherever the kids are too, so it makes it a first-class entertainment project, Which people come from all over the Kingdom to enjoy it and spend a fun and entertaining time through it.

The most important entertainment places in the sea destination

The walkway

The waterfront contains a walkway for expats on it, the length of the walkway is about 8 km, which helps it to be the largest and longest walkway on the level of the Kingdom, and two and a half times longer than the walkway located in the waterfront of Khobar, which helps you a lot of lovers of walking and enjoying the sea view or Running outdoors.

green areas

The green spaces help you to sit in it and enjoy spending a special time with your family, besides that you can play football sport on this green, playing and running with children beside enjoying the sea view, and it has all the service facilities that you need during the trip.

Play areas

There are places designated for different children’s games, and also places dedicated to bowling, where not only the elder will enjoy but also add entertainment services for children, to enjoy a trip to the waterfront for all family members, and also can enjoy playing basketball or football on the sandy beach of the sea, and enjoy watching the beach And its waves.

Waterfront Museum

A museum has been built on the waterfront for fans of this type of destination, where you can visit and see the monuments, historical and heritage holdings throughout the ages and not only for the city of Dammam but for the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also the construction of an exhibition hall specializing in displaying multiple and unique purposes.

Local market

There are also popular local markets for selling all gifts and souvenirs for this facade, which helps you remember the journey that you enjoyed during your visit to the facade, and because of the distinguished facade location, this helped in facilitating access to marketing places near the facade, and the closest place to it is a beach mall, which is located at a distance 5 minutes from the waterfront.


The waterfront contains a place designated for parking cars, which can accommodate at least 3000 cars, in order to facilitate access to them, and you do not need to rotate a place to park your car away from you during the trip.

Waterfront restaurants

There are a lot of restaurants with different types of eating, whether it is local and traditional food, or food from international kitchens, in order to enjoy eating these meals with the company of family or friends beside a beautiful view of the sea and sandy beach view, and among the best restaurants there is

  • Dammam Corniche Melody Sham, Which serves seafood dishes in various wonderful forms, as well as various oriental grills, and there are some delicious Chinese dishes, as well as dishes of appetizers and wonderful salads.
  • Layalina RestaurantSpecialized in providing all kinds of Arabic food.
  • Plamida Restaurant, Serving dishes from all over the world, great and exotic drinks.
  • Oceana Restaurant, Specializing in Indian cuisine with its exquisite and rich flavors.

Or there are cafes for drinks or ice cream to enjoy during your trip on the waterfront in Dammam.


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