Tourism and leisure guide on the sail island Jeddah

المسافرون العرب

Information about tourism and entertainment in Al-Shiraa Island, Jeddah has many unique and unique tourist parks, which enjoy a unique recreational side, helping you and your family to have a fun time and in an atmosphere of entertainment and excitement, through the experience of games of all kinds, or wandering and relaxing amid the green natural Wonderful, and one of the most important of these parks is the island of sail, Arab travelers explain to you how to spend quality time on the island of sail.

Sail Island

It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist and recreational places in Jeddah, because it offers you a lot of entertainment and comfort that helps you spend a fun and special time, whether sitting in green spaces and enjoying time watching the wonderful landscapes on places designated for sitting there are large parasols in the form of a sail to spend a fun time Besides protection from the sun, or through playing in water games and enjoy swimming in the island’s swimming pools.
Sail Island is a suitable place for all family members, as it has a lot of entertainment that suits adults and also games and paragraphs that suit children, and there is also a swimming pool suitable for different ages, from children to adults, so it is an attraction for large numbers of families, especially whether For those who live inside or outside Jeddah, and there are a lot of different activities that you can do during your visit to Al Sheraa Island.

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Types of activities you enjoy in the sail island

  • swimming pool

Al-Shiraa Island has a large and spacious children’s pool. The pool was built starting from a depth of fifty centimeters and reached to a depth of seventy centimeters, and was built according to the safety specifications of children and commensurate with all their lengths, so that they enjoy a large aspect of entertainment and water play, and to increase safety there is also Swimming instructors supervising the presence of children in the pool until they monitor them and intervene in the event of a child being exposed to danger. Children from the age of two to 10 years can enjoy swimming in it.

  • water games

Sail Island also contains an area dedicated to water games, there are a lot of games of different sizes and varieties, and also in wonderful colors that suit all different ages, whether for children or those who exceeded ten years, so that children enjoy spending a fun and fun time and a beautiful experience.

  • Covered hall

A large hall was devoted to children, to help them teach various arts, whether through drawing or coloring, and to give the child some different activities that help a lot in developing his mental skill, and also there are two areas where they are shown acrobatics that children enjoy a lot of playing with, because of the magnificence Its beautiful colors are different, and its sizes are suitable for all ages, and it helps the child to use muscle power as well as thinking during play, and the park also provides a distinguished service for children, by giving each child a bracelet that can be played through many games, and also provide a meal for him .

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  • Sand toys

Sheraa has set aside a place for sand toys that the child can play with, and to create shapes through it. It is also dedicated to the safety of the child even if he falls during his game. No injuries or bruises are caused to him, and this entire area is covered with white sails to protect the child from the burning sun.

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  • Sharia boats

Sailboats can also be taken and wander around the Red Sea around the island, to enjoy the view of the sea during sunset, and the gentle and moderate fresh air.

  • Restaurants

You can eat inside the different restaurants on the island, which offer a lot of different meals from delicious Lebanese or italyn cuisine, or the Chinese restaurant, all of which offer delicious types of meals in a wonderful way and in an organized style.
The island is open all days of the week from four o’clock in the afternoon until two o’clock in the middle of the night, except on Friday and Saturday from two o’clock in the afternoon until four o’clock in the morning.

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