Festival City Dubai Mall is one of the most famous commercial centers in the Emirate of Dubai, and one of the most vital and attractive areas for tourists, where thousands of Emirati citizens and foreign tourists visit it in one year, and what distinguishes the mall is its strategic location that is easily accessible in more than one way, such as the Business Bay or a bridge Al Garhoud, and the mall contains a lot of various shops that number up to 350 stores of internationally renowned brands, which vary in selling different goods from clothing stores, to decorations, to electronic devices, and there are many restaurants and cafes that offer meals. For fast food, in addition to the services and facilities in the mall from pharmacies, banks and a prayer hall for women and men, and in the following lines we show you through Arab travelers the best activities that you can do in one of the modern Dubai malls.

Opening times for Dubai Festival City Mall

The mall opens its doors from ten o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock in the evening, and in the days from Sunday to Wednesday, but on Thursdays, Friday, Saturday and holidays, the work of the mall starts from ten in the morning until twelve in the middle of the night.
As for restaurants and cafes in the mall, they start from the beginning of ten in the morning until eleven in the evening in the days from Sunday to Wednesday, and in the days from Thursday to Saturday, restaurants start operating from ten in the morning until midnight, and the doors of the hypermarket located in The mall is from the beginning of nine in the morning until midnight on the days from Saturday to Wednesday, and on Thursdays and Friday, the time for hyper work is extended until one after midnight.

Address of Dubai Festival City Mall

  • The mall is located in the Al Badia area on the banks of the Dubai Creek, in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
  • For inquiries, please call +971 800 332.
  • Or you can visit the Dubai Festival City Mall website here.

Hotels near Festival City Mall

Dubai Festival City Mall is about one hundred meters from the Intercontinental Hotel, which is one of the most famous hotels in the United Arab Emirates, which gets a 5-star rating, in addition to the Holiday Inn Dubai, which is about 900 meters from the mall, less than one kilo, and Holiday Inn is one of the best Hotels in the emirate which have received 4 stars rating.

Activities in Dubai Festival City Mall

  • The mall has many facilities and services that are specially designed to provide convenience for visitors. You can spend time with family and friends shopping and getting to know the mall’s shops and services.
  • You can shop and buy all the necessary household and family clothes that suit all practical stages, as well as purchase the perfumes and shoes you prefer.
  • And if you want to buy furniture for your home to renovate, there are many shops that sell classic furniture and antiques in the mall, in addition to the stores that sell modern furniture such as the Ikea chain store, and there are also stores that sell electrical appliances, carpets and curtains, and all the utensils the kitchen needs.
  • There is also inside the mall the internationally known store Carrefour, so you can enter it and buy all the meat, fruits and vegetables needed in the home.
  • After a long tour of those stores, take a break in one of the cafes to request a hot drink that improves your mood, or a cool and refreshing drink, or you can eat eastern and western sweets.
  • Of course, do not forget the young children, as there are many play areas in the mall that are specially designed for them, such as video games and enthusiastic games such as the Pirate Ship game, in addition to sand games and building sand palaces.
  • In the mall there is a cinema that displays the latest Arab and international films, such as Bollywood and Hollywood films.
  • And if you want a delicious meal, there are many restaurants that offer international and oriental dishes, in addition to fast food restaurants.
  • And you can end your tour in Dubai Festival City Mall by sailing boat and go on a cruise to see the Creek and enjoy the sunset and beautiful views.

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