Tourism and tourists

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Tourism and tourists

Tourism is defined as the movement of an individual and his travel on the earth in order to obtain recreation, rest, worship, culture, treatment, discovery, etc., but a tourist is a person who visits a country other than his native country, who lives in it for a period of not less than four Twenty hours.

Types of tourism

Among the most famous types of tourism:

  • Recreational tourism, which is travel for the purpose of recreation and self-entertainment.
  • Adventure tourism, such as: mountain climbing, windsurfing, skiing and canoeing.
  • Religious tourism, which is travel for visiting religious sites.
  • Cultural tourism and its purpose is to visit museums, cultural sites, historical monuments, monuments and learn about the traditions and customs of peoples.
  • Meditation tourism, which is considered one of the finest types of tourism in the world, and it started for the first time in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and its first activities were held in the Dead Sea.
  • Beach tourism, and this tourism appears in countries that overlook the waters of the seas and oceans.
  • Medical tourism, which aims at treatment in health areas.
  • Shopping tourism, which is travel with the aim of shopping from other countries.
  • Ecotourism, and aims to visit natural areas and reserves.
  • Conference tourism, which are tourist activities aimed at attending international conferences.
  • Maritime tourism, and it appears a lot in the Arab countries.
  • Sports tourism of all kinds.

The most visited tourist countries

The continent
The number of tourists according to statistics in 2010
North Amarica
21.4 million tourists
22.2 million tourists
23.1 million tourists
24.4 million tourists
United Kingdom of Britain
30.7 million tourists
43.7 million tourists
54.7 million tourists
United States of America
North Amarica
56.0 million tourists
59.2 million tourists

The most visited tourist city

The number of tourists according to statistics in 2009
20 million tourists
United Kingdom, Britain
14.1 million tourists
Kuala Lumpur
9.11 million tourists
New York
United States of America
8.7 million tourists
The United Arab Emirates
6.81 million tourists

The most famous tourist attractions

Among the most famous tourist attractions in the world according to 2007 statistics: The Times Square and the National Park in America, Trafalgar Square in Britain, Niagara Falls in Canada, Disneyland in Japan, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower in France, the Great Wall of China in China, and the Vatican in Italy , The pyramids in Egypt, and the Taj Mahal in India.

Tourism developed in the twentieth century

Among these factors are the continuous change in the means of marine, air and land transport and its significant development, the high levels of living for individuals and the increase in their income, the progress of the various media outlets, whether audio or read, or visual, the speed of news transfer between continents, the organization of tourism work, and the encouragement of countries On tourism, vacation and leisure times are increasing for working individuals.


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