Tourism costs in Uzbekistan .. one of the cheapest countries in the world, and Arab travelers offer you many economic options and lists at the cheapest prices, to spend a special trip at the lowest cost, and of course the size of the cost of your trip depends on your personal options …

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Tourism costs in Uzbekistan

Find out .. the cheapest airline tickets to Uzbekistan …

Find out ... the cheapest airline tickets to Uzbekistan ...Find out .. the cheapest airline tickets prices to Uzbekistan … travel costs in are dear to you, dear tourist, and you are the one who controls reducing the budget allocated for the trip and saving more expenses, and you can achieve this by caring for booking airline tickets a month and a half before Least until you get the best and cheapest flight offers for Uzbekistan, and you can travel to it, through three ways, the first, you can rely on Emirates Airlines and cost you flights from Dubai to the capital, “Tashkent”, $ 335, and the second: flights from Abu Dhabi to the capital of Uzbekistan cost you $ 465, and the third: a Traveler Flight from Sharjah to the capital cost 580 also Dolar.aqro: Tourism in Uzbekistan all necessary information before travel visa and tourist destinations

Find out the price of an entry visa to Uzbekistan..and how to get it.

Find out the price of an entry visa to Uzbekistan..and how to get it ..
Know the price of the entry visa to Uzbekistan..and how to get it..the costs of travel in suits all capabilities, you can get it at a cost ranging between 50 to 100 dollars, and its conditions are not complicated at all, you can apply to the nearest embassy or any other diplomatic agency For Uzbekistan present in your country, you have a passport that is valid for at least three months, and free visa is granted to citizens of some European countries and those who possess diplomatic passports.

Find out the best economic options to stay in Uzbekistan ..

Find out the best economic options to stay in Uzbekistan ..Learn the best economic options for residency in Uzbekistan..the costs of tourism in Uzbekistan..Dear tourist, you are the one who controls maintaining your savings and reducing the budget of your tour in Uzbekistan, by choosing the place of accommodation appropriate to your capabilities, and in turn we offer you a list of the best and cheapest prices and you can book at one of these hotels Through the Bukking website: * Four and five-star hotels, all of which offer free Wi-Fi services, and free parking near breakfast, – “Jeeran” hotel, which is one of the cheapest hotels there, and is located in downtown Bukhara, and provides all services for free. It is distinguished by its location Lord of the shops and Bukhara train station, 10 km away from it, just 6 km from the airport, and the visitors won the admiration and got an evaluation of 8.3, and the price of the night starts from $ 16 .– FATIMA Hotel, it provides excellent hotel services and won the admiration of guests, especially married and got a rating of 9.7 , And it is located in the city center of Bukhara, near the airport and the bus station, and attached to a restaurant that serves breakfast for free, as well as it contains a 24-hour tour desk, and all hotel rooms are air-conditioned and have a private bathroom, and the night price starts from $ 46.– Bonu Hotel, It is located in Bukhara and provides free Wi-Fi and garage service Includes the finest types of furniture, large screens and a wardrobe, and the restaurant attached to the hotel also offers a “halal” breakfast, which starts at $ 30 per night. -Hotel Varakhsha, has air-conditioned rooms that include all living requirements, including television screens, designated areas for showers, a hair dryer, and wardrobe, all for free. In addition to a continental breakfast, and the night rate starts from $ 38. – Golden Bukhara Boutique Hotel, fully air-conditioned and provides excellent services. All rooms have an elegant kitchen equipped with all needs in addition to a private bathroom. It also provides Wi-Fi and free breakfast. The night price starts from $ 50.- Art As Sarrafon B&B, and enjoys a privileged location in the ancient city of Bukhara, near the airport, and provides breakfast and free Wi-Fi, the hotel is considered one of the best rated locations in Boxoro, and it is liked by visitors, especially married couples, who received a rating of 9.7 and the night price starts from $ 37. Tourism in Tajikistan is essential information you must know before traveling

Learn about the cheapest transportation in Uzbekistan ..

Tourism costs in Uzbekistan .. Since it is considered one of the cheapest countries in the world, you find the cheapest means of transportation in it, and you are free to choose the method that appeals to you. The price of a liter of gasoline does not exceed one US dollar, and you can count on the taxi and its cost ranges between 1 to 1.5 dollars And the ticket for public transport buses will cost you only half a dollar, and you can also rely on the train and domestic flights at the lowest prices to save on the cost of tourism in Uzbekistan.

Learn … the most delicious food and the cheapest food prices.

Find out ... the cheapest food prices ...Find out … the cheapest food are lucky, dear tourist, by being in a city like Uzbekistan, which provides the finest types of food commodities at the lowest prices, and the price of a meal in medium restaurants will cost you only $ 25, and you can count on fast food that is cheap and does not exceed its cost Four dollars, and get the best taste of McDonald’s meals at a cost of no more than 2.5 dollars, and you can not miss the main course experience there. For a dish, and one of the most delicious dishes there, the Kuurdak is a brown or grilled meat cut, and before lunch, be sure to try the Luqman soup. Basically it consists of slices of eggplant, pepper and radish and is decorated with parsley, eat samsa pies stuffed at breakfast and enjoy its various fillings of pieces of meat and onions baked on the oven. For more help, we offer you, dear tourist, a list of the best and cheapest food commodities to help you save on the cost of tourism in Uzbekistan .. 1- 1 chicken breast, costing up to 4 dollars. -1 kilograms of apples cost you only 1.20 dollars. -1 kilograms of oranges, It costs you $ 2.70. – 1 kg of bananas costs you $ 2.40. – 1 kg of potatoes costs you $ 0.52. – 1 kg of white rice costs you, $ 0.80. – 1 kg of tomatoes costs you $ 0.93. – 1 kg of onions costs you $ 0.32. – 1 kg of Sausage costs you $ 16. – The price of a whole chicken costs you $ 7.5. – 1 kg of pear costs you $ 2.5.

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