Tourism experiences in Luzern Switzerland

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A tourism report about the entertainment places and monuments in Lucerne in Switzerland, the various activities that can be practiced in this ancient city in addition to the most important markets, and the malls in the city that include international fashion with a special character distinguished by distinctive details on the site of Arab travelers.

Tourism in Lucerne:

Lucerne is the favorite tourist destination for many, as it is one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland because of its unique location on the coast of the impressive Lake Lucerne, which is the fourth largest lake in the country, and is famous for the beauty of mountain nature that dazzles the viewers and we will talk more about its most important tourist attractions.

Chapel Bridge:

  • It is one of the oldest bridges in the world, and it extends greatly on the River Reuss and is made of wood in the 14th century to protect the country.
  • What makes this coast a unique destination is its distinguished place and its presence contains more than three hundred internal paintings, all of which are no longer present today due to some of the damage that occurred to the bridge. Today, there are only one hundred.

The Wounded Lion Monument:

It is one of the oldest monuments in the city of Lucerne, where its origins date back to 1820 AD and the wounded Lion Monument indicates the massacres that occurred fatally before the Swiss soldiers in 1792 AD during the French Revolution, when the guards attacked the revolutionaries at that time, which led to losses Grave in spirit.

Glacier Park:

The Glacier Park is one of the most beautiful gardens in the city at all, and not only is it a garden, it is an integrated museum, and a dazzling park at the same time as it includes many archaeological excavations dating back to very ancient times which are found in the city center of Lucerne.
Some of the archaeological artifacts found in Glacier Park date back millions of years in a very impressive way, and some reach the ancient Ice Age, making it one of the largest maps that show how the terrain and the nature of the environment have changed over the ages.

Things to do in Glacier Park:

  • Feel free to visit the museum, which contains many naturally carved caves that date back to the ice ages, and they have varied shapes in a very impressive way, and they contain mussels in addition to palm leaves that were brought from coastal areas with a semi-tropical climate, which dates back to 20 Million years from now!
  • If you are a fan of mysteries and mysteries, you will love the maze of dazzling mirrors, designed like the Alhambra in Granada. As you walk around the maze, you will feel a lot of suspense, and the desire to reach its end, but often you will not be able to do so unlike the fact that the maze is really short.
  • If you want to sit in an elegant place after wandering around the Glacier Park, visit the cafes or restaurants near it for unforgettable landscapes.
  • You can visit the park every day from nine in the morning until 5 in the evening.

Glacier Park tickets prices:

  • For adults: CHF 15.
  • For children up to 16 years: 8 Swiss francs.
  • Children under 6 years: No fee.
  • Lucerne Historical Museum:

    • The Luzieran Museum contains many antiquities and sculptures, dating back to ancient times that may reach the Middle Ages.
    • The museum was opened in the year 1560 AD, and it was used as an ancient place for storing weapons, then it was converted into a museum to display everything related to the history of the city and its surroundings.
    • Walking in the museum and seeing archaeological artifacts, including meticulous armor, rare weapons, and other things commonly used by groups that lived in the city throughout antiquity.
    • You can enjoy visiting the natural places that are around the museum in order to know how citizens live in the city, and the dazzling types of neighborhoods, including birds and animals, and picturesque natural landscapes. You can also walk on the Chapel Bridge to see the city differently, which is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations The city, being the oldest bridge for walkers in all European countries.

    Lucerne Transport Museum:

    It is one of the most important museums in Switzerland at all, and the largest at the same time, and it contains many exhibits exceeding 3 thousand, which have been used throughout the ages for transportation such as old and modern planes, ships and huge engines, in addition to cars and other various means of transportation.
    The museum was opened in 1959 AD and then it was restored and opened again in 2009, and it contains a lot of recreational activities that will definitely enrich your knowledge.

    Things to do in the museum:

    • You can enjoy seeing the old carriages closely, you can also use the controllers and see the old carriages moving in an exciting and amazing way. You will never get bored in the museum.
    • There is an amusement park attached to the museum where you can walk as you want, board boats, or stroll around the lake and enjoy many activities and celebrations that are organized.
    • You can participate in the adventure of Swiss chocolate, which enables you to know the history of the famous Swiss chocolate since its inception, and at the same time there are many types of chocolate that have an impressive taste in the factory.
    • The museum operates every day from nine o’clock until 5 o’clock in the evening.

    Museum tickets price:

  • For adults: 30 francs.
  • For children 6 to 16 years: 15 francs.
  • Children younger than 6 years old: No fee
  • Lucerne’s best markets:

    Fischmarkt market

    One of the largest markets specializing in selling delicious Swiss fish, and there are many fresh foods and seafood that you will definitely love. The market is set up on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday every week, from 6 in the morning, and closes at 1 pm. Do not miss his visit to enjoy the most delicious types of market in Lucerne.

    Bahnhof Street Market:

    • It is one of the largest markets in the city, and the most famous one ever. It specializes in selling fresh vegetables and fruits of all colors and shapes. You can also buy fruit flowers from the market.
    • You can visit the Bahnhof Street Market daily from 6 in the morning, until 1 pm.
    • The market is an interesting place of interest to tourists and indigenous people.

    Monatswarenmarkt market

    It is considered one of the monthly markets that works every Wednesday from the first of every month, starting in March, until December. It is open from seven in the morning until six in the evening.

    Handworks Craft Market:

    It opens on holidays and is filled with gifts, great clothes, furniture and many craft products.
    The market is open on Saturday at the beginning of April of each year until December starting from seven in the morning and closes at four in the afternoon.

    Flohmarkt market

    It is one of the most vital markets in the city, and it contains many antiques, many rare valuable coins dating back hundreds of years, and even dishes that were used in the Middle Ages, antiques, precious ornaments and precious stones.
    The market is set up every Saturday of the first of the month throughout the successive months of the year, starting from 7 am until 7 pm.


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