Tourism experiences in Yalova Turkey

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Tourism experiences in Yalova Turkey and comprehensive information about it, where the city of Yalova is located in the northwest of the state of Turkey, where it is located along the Sea of ​​Marmara from the east beach side, it is a small city that can be traveled on foot, and its population is about 100,000 people, and dates back to the first date They settled in Yalova pre-prehistoric region around 300 BC, and peoples such as the Phrygians, Byzantines, Hittites, Romans and Ottomans followed.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish state, also inhabited it intermittently at the end of his years, and he said in one of his famous speeches Yalova my city, and the city of Yalova includes many elements that attract tourists, most notably the Ataturk Palace in Yalova in which he lived, and this city is famous for having many springs Hot in the Termal region, and this city is characterized by its Mediterranean climate and semi-tropical, where its wet and hot summer and cold winter, and is located far from Istanbul about 175 km, and you have more details on Arab travelers.

The most important tourist and leisure attractions of Yalova Turkey:

Termal village:

This village is famous for its many mineral hot springs, which originate from the top of the Termal hill and the temperature of the water coming out from these springs is between 55 to 65 degrees Celsius, so you can visit these therapeutic hot springs for treatment with Termal baths to recover from many Diseases or in order to get a shower and rest in any of the hot baths that are there, the most prominent of which are:

  • Sultan’s mother bath:

This bathroom contains two sections, one for men and the other is for women, and this bathroom contains a sauna room, an indoor pool and a steam room.These baths were built in the fourth century during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine, and this bathroom was restored during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed II and his mother used it with intent treatment.

  • Lead bath:

It is one of the most famous baths known as Termal, and the reason for calling it by this name is due to its dome which was made of lead, it is a mixed bath for men and women, it contains a sauna and Jacuzzi and is followed by an outdoor swimming pool as well as it includes some family rooms.

  • Sultan’s Bath:

It is an old bathroom that contains many private rooms for the family, and the Sultan bath has a small bathtub, and is one of the best bathrooms in Yalova.

Sudoushan Waterfall:

It is located close to Yelwa, about 9 km away from it, and is considered one of the most waterfalls in the region, and this waterfall is characterized by its striking beauty that attracts attention, as the coolness in that region gives a feeling of comfort, Sodoshan waterfalls have gained a wide reputation with its unique natural beauty, as it is located on It is a splendid way of valleys and mountains, and it is considered one of the places that the local residents and tourists visit as a natural outlet. This waterfall is located in a mountain region characterized by its unique and cold nature, there are many wooden benches around it for sitting and there are around it after the places designated for barbecues, there is also a way Near him many cafes and restaurants.

Cinarcik Resort:

It is considered one of the most popular resorts in the Sea of ​​Marmara, and this waterfall is characterized as easy to reach, along with the cleanliness of the sea, the calmness of the region and the magnificence of its picturesque forests, along with that Chinargic includes a number of historical places dating back to the ages of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire.


Armutlu is located within the Yalova Governorate, where it is located about 55 km away from it, and it is considered one of the most beautiful places of Yalova tourism, as it contains a private tourist village characterized by its unique organization and its own beauty, which helped it to be the focus of attention by tourists who accept On her visit all year long.

Chouq Chedra Village:

It is a beautiful quiet village that is suitable for those looking for tranquility, and contains many natural areas, and this village is located far from Termal village about 12 km, characterized by the kindness of its people and its beautiful nature, and Arab tourists accept this village while visiting tourism in Yalova.

Yalova City Museum:

It is an open museum, in which many artifacts and many historical objects are displayed in the open air.

Termal Ataturk Palace:

Dating back to 1929, this palace has its healthy waters, along with its green nature.

Kemal Ataturk Palace Museum:

This palace dates back to the late twentieth century and is an architectural style that marks the beginning of the declaration of the modern Turkish Republic.

The Moving Palace:

This palace dates back to 1929, and it is a two-storey wooden building, and at the present time it is used as an institute for the development of field plants, and the name of this palace was derived from the incident of visiting Kemal Ataturk, as it is a working opinion that cuts the branches that are close to the palace in order to Protecting its wooden walls, he instructed Ataturk to be able to move the building rather than cutting the branches.

The Black Church:

This church was built in the Roman era, when the pagan religion was popular at that time. Originally, it was not a church but rather a water reservoir, and in the Byzantine era it was converted into a place of worship.

Hercek-Zadeh Ahmed Pasha complex:

It is a building consisting of a bathroom and a mosque, and it consists of canals and a water tank, dating back to the 16th century.




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