Tourism guide in Thailand, Thailand is one of the tourist destinations that have great popularity in the countries of Southeast Asia, where the beaches of Thailand are characterized by its clear blue waters, and dense forests, and it includes a number of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and despite the heavy tourism influx that Thailand is witnessing except It still maintains its ideal identity and still adheres to its unique culture, and Thailand has many tourism elements, so it is intended by many tourists as it has its dazzling nature and the beauty of its sandy beaches that have world fame, and they contain many of the islands of magnificence, and its people who Cm goodness, next to fame in abundance there are tropical fruits, with a population of this state about 67 million people, located next to each of the states of Myanmar, Malaysia Here are more details on Arab travelers.

Thailand Tourism Guide:

Tourism season in Thailand:

Every traveler must first get to know the nature of the weather in the country that is his tourist destination, in order to avoid the bad weather that could spoil his enjoyment of the trip, so it is necessary to get to know first the season of tourism in the country that will be traveled to and learn about the most appropriate travel times, but for Thailand It is one of the countries that enjoy its tropical climate, but it varies in a number of different regions. The climate of Thailand is divided into three seasons, which are the cold season and start from November to February, and the rainy season starts from May to October, and the hot season starts from March to May.
In general, the period between November and February is the best time to visit Thailand to visit most areas, where the rains decrease and the temperature decreases, and many areas there seem very suitable for tourism.

Tourist cities in Thailand:

Tourism in the city of Chiang Mai:

It is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Thailand, and is located in the north on the banks of the Ping River, and is considered the second largest province where it is called the North Rose, and it is recommended to visit it between January and February, it is characterized by its charming nature where colorful roses abound, and Chiangmai is famous for its mountains and air Cold, among the most prominent tourist destinations:

  • Chiangmai Zoo:

It is considered one of the best tourist places in the city of Chiang Mai, as it is located on a large area, and it contains many types of wild and marine animals and a lot of birds. Hundreds of animals can be watched closely, such as turtles, tigers and lions, and many fish of many types can be seen in the Chiang Mai aquarium and see Many predatory fish such as sharks, and there can be seen pandas play and eat and manipulate their young, as well as dozens of types of birds such as peacocks, ducks and a number of birds of prey.

  • Doi Antanan National Park:

It is a large garden located on the highest mountain in Thailand, and this park abounds with a lot of beautiful landscapes, where there are many water tables and waterfalls and many plants and trees, and an area of ​​about 482 km, and due to its current location high humidity and dominated by cold weather for months The year, it contains many natural parks and a number of the most beautiful waterfalls, and it is possible to climb on top of the Doyan Entanun mountain where its view takes hearts and see some birds that live above the heights such as eagles, and it is possible to camp up the mountain where it has complete camping equipment.

  • Elephant Garden:

It is a natural reserve for elephants, founded in 1996 to provide a safe environment for elephants stuck in all parts of Thailand and bring them to the garden, to live in a natural environment, that park is located in a valley and bordered by a river, and surrounded by mountains covered with forests.

  • Night safari park:

The night safari provides a pleasant trip to the zoo, which covers an area of ​​about 328 acres, and contains many types of animals such as tigers, giraffes, rhinoceroses and tigers, and enjoy the performances that some animals make and take some pictures with animals, or watch the performances of lightness players.

  • Munzhtan Chungmai Waterfall:

It is part of the Suthep Doi Boy National Park, which is located in northern Thailand. This waterfall consists of nine layers with stepped stairs, where water falls from a height of 40 meters, and over time the water falling from the slope at the bottom forms a deep pond.

  • Mai Ya Chiangmai Waterfall:

It is one of the best waterfalls to be seen in Thailand, which is one of the parts of the Dew National Park, and the main source of the waterfall is the mountain that is one of the highest mountains in Thailand with a height of 8400 feet above sea level, this area is equipped with a number of facilities and many clean bathrooms.

  • Huai Kaew Waterfall:

With a height of about ten meters, it is considered one of the tourist attractions preferred by many in Chiang Mai, where calm, peace and scenic landscapes help to spend the best times and get relaxation and lying among the rocks next to the waterfall.

  • Night market:

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Chiang Mai, where it is characterized by the wonderful night atmosphere there, and the night market is one of the popular markets that are characterized by the diversity of its heritage products and is characterized by its low prices, and it has many restaurants, including 5 Indian, Thai, Pakistani and Arab restaurants, and some international cafes restaurants .

  • Old town:

It is considered one of the oldest tourist places in the city, surrounded by five gates. One of the most famous of these gates is that gate located on the eastern side, and there are many old temples, old houses and many fortified trenches, and there are a number of museums that tell about the region’s heritage and its ancient ruins, and contain The old town has a number of cafes.

  • Golden Mountain Temple:

This temple is located on the top of the mountain that overlooks the city. This temple is characterized by the presence of long stairs from inside the forests to reach the temple. This temple was built 1300 years ago from now, and is visited by many tourists and many local residents, and it is considered an important and rare archaeological art. It contains many green columns decorated with golden ornaments, as well as a number of ornate Buddha portraits and some statues of ancient warriors, as well as many golden bells dating back more than 1500 years.

Tourism on the island of Kuusamo:

It is the second largest tourist island in Thailand, and it is located in the south of the country, as it is an open resort, it contains many luxurious resorts and hotels, its beaches are characterized by calm because it is located inside the Gulf, and the island of Kosamoy includes many forests, waterfalls and some charming natural monuments, in addition to the availability of Comfortable accommodations with charming views, such as:

  • Na Muang Waterfall:

It is located in the south of the Thai island of Kusamoy, there are two waterfalls carrying the same first name, about half an hour on foot, and the height of the waterfall is about 12 meters. It is characterized that the rocks covering this waterfall are dominated by the wonderful purple color, so you can enjoy watching the waterfall and take a higher safari tour The elephant appeared, enjoying the beautiful nature, beautiful forests and reaching the second waterfall without getting tired.

  • Samui Aquarium and Tiger Park:

It is considered one of the best fish ponds there, and tiger shows are important tourist places on Samui Island, this garden is about two hundred meters from the beach, located specifically in the southeast of Kusamoy Island, this project was built twenty years ago, and includes various groups of tigers that were brought from different parts Thailand, you can visit this place to enjoy the fresh, fresh air, as it is close to the beach, surrounded by many huge trees and teeming with colorful birds and animals, so there can spend the most beautiful and most wonderful times.

  • Safari Na Muang Kosamoy Park:

It is one of the most famous recreational parks in southern Thailand, and one of its most famous tourist places. This park enjoys an abundance of landscapes that contain it, and it contains a lot of rocks and plants, in addition to the diversity of recreational activities that are presented in the garden and the most prominent of the wonderful elephant shows.

  • Mu Quang Thong National Marine Park:

Modern National consists of 42 islands, some of which fall within the boundaries of the National Marine Park, and an area of ​​about 102 km2, officially opened in 1980 in front of the masses, and it is one of the places of attraction for thousands of foreign tourists and locals annually, so you can lie in front of the wonderful garden beach to relax on the sands of the beach Al-Bayda, breathing fresh air, enjoying the warmth of the sun, or snorkeling and swimming in the Gulf waters to see rare fish and coral reefs scattered on the beaches of the garden, which adds to its splendor and beauty.

  • Secret Buddha Garden:

This garden is suitable for spending a whole day where there are trees that shade and plants that spread across its sides, as well as there are many restaurants and shops specialized in selling souvenirs made in the traditional style of Thailand, and returns the story of building the secret Buddha Garden for the year 1976 when he built the farmer Nim Thong to build a number Of statues and temples in the middle of the green land owned by his family, and Thunna continued adding more statues to his garden until he passed away at the age of 91 years, and since this time has become one of the tourist attractions in Thailand and a shrine that attracts tourists from all over the world, and this park is characterized by The peculiarity of the monuments there and the spread of waterfalls, trees and many plants.

Tourism in the city of Pattaya:

It is considered one of the important tourist destinations in Thailand, as it is considered one of the rare places, because it combines the splendor of its features and the beauty of its nature, and is famous for the presence of many recreational and tourist attractions such as:

  • Nong Nosh Tropical Park:

One of the largest parks in Thailand, which extends over an area of ​​600 acres and also overlooks the Gulf of Thailand, opened in 1980 and many cultural displays are held for all cultures, visited by more than 5,000 people every day from tourists of all nationalities besides the local population, and some paragraphs are held For children, take a small boat, wander around the artificial lake in the middle of the park, or ride an elephant’s back and roam the park.

  • Minni Siam Park:

This park, which is considered one of the international tourist attractions that have great fame in various parts of the world, there can be seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower and see a model of the Egyptian pyramids and other well-known international monuments, and also contains sculptures of monuments and mosques, this place is like a world museum showing what has Architects with its design and the ancient throughout human history, whether ancient or modern, and there is a garden dedicated to the game of Joe Carts, where cars can be enjoyed and a competition with family or friends or a competition between a group of tourists with different cultures.

  • Pattaya Park:

The city of Pattaya Park is located in southern Thailand, and is one of the most wonderful places in the city of Pattaya, it contains many wonderful recreational and vital facilities. The theme park is located in front of the Gulf of Thailand, and the most important facilities that the park contains is the high Pattaya Park Tower. It contains halls for events, water parks and some games. For entertainment, it has many activities and includes swimming pools. There is a restaurant on the 52nd floor, which offers panoramic views of Pattaya Beach and the city as well.

  • Million Years Stone Park & ​​Crocodile Farm:

This park extends over an area of ​​70 acres, and is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions that were recently established in the late twenty years, it contains many sculptures and beautiful engineering models, and contains many perennial trees, this garden is a mix between nature, models and sculptures, this garden is a living museum For all the things that arouse interest from the kingdoms of plants, stones, rare trees and animal kingdoms, there are many entertaining and exciting entertainment shows, there are some breaks of the traditional shape to enjoy seeing the magnificence of the place while drinking fresh tea, and you can enjoy Watching thousands of crocodiles living in fresh and salty water, you can irrigate giant catfish with a weight of half a ton, and observe some types of fish with snakeheads.

  • Cartoon Net Work Park Amazon Pattaya:

Among the entertainment places in the city and it was opened in 2014, it contains many ways of entertainment, the most prominent of which are Disneyland electronic characters, and many entertainment and entertainment offerings are held, and it contains many restaurants that offer local and international cuisine suitable for all family members, and this garden is divided into sections for young and adults And teenagers, there can enjoy swimming in the pools of low depth where there is simulation of calm sea waves, so children can be taught to swim there, and can enjoy surfing there, or enjoy seeing the wonderful technical acrobatic performances that take place Inside the garden.

  • Floating market:

It is a floating popular market This market contains more than 114 shops alongside the presence of many boats that are crowded with goods, the market area is 100 thousand square meters, and the market is divided into four sections, so a small boat can be taken and touring the market and shopping from the banks on the banks of the stream Or buy from boats full of fruits on the runway.

  • Love Bridge:

This bridge is intended for couples and lovers where they can visit it is a metal bridge that puts couples and lovers on locks and they hang and then throw the key to the sea, as a kind of expression of the permanence of love.

  • Underwater world:

It reaches a depth of up to 100 meters below the surface of the water. There is a walkway for visitors. This walkway is made of acrylic and has a thickness of approximately 6.5 cm. The underwater world contains many interactive activities and educational programs. It also contains dozens of marine species spread throughout the south of the Tesco lotus region Southern Pattaya, numbering more than four thousand marine animals, including unique and rare marine creatures.

  • Jomtien Beach:

This beach stretches for a long distance as it is located adjacent to the city, and a great influx is witnessed by tourists from all over the world, it is considered a main destination for all lovers of swimming, where you can enjoy sitting in front of the beach and watching the ocean with soft white sand and warm sunlight, or walking until long hours On the beach, or swimming in the sea enjoying calm waves suitable for swimming young and old, or rent a small Thai boat and enjoy a tour of the ocean.

  • Ripley’s Museum:

It is located on the second floor above the Royal Garden Plaza shopping center, and is located about three minutes away from the beach, this unique center in which the rarest and most famous exhibits and strange antiques are displayed, and also contains rare assemblies, and a number of interesting activities are carried out which are the maze and the wax and theater museum 4D mobile and horror house.

  • Art Paradise Gallery:

One of the coolest places visited by tourists from different countries of the world and a lot of local residents in Pattaya and Thailand, art lovers, in 2012 this exhibition was officially opened and the exhibition area reaches 5.800 square meters, this museum contains more than 150 paintings, and many drawings Local holographic.

Tourism in Krabi Islands:

It is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful tourist destinations in the state of Thailand, due to its charming nature beside the beauty of its tropical climate, and Krabi Island includes a number of tourist facilities, which made it an important station for the most beautiful Thai islands, and contains the best beaches, as it embraces many shops and restaurants And many marine sports clubs, and there are a number of elegant hotels that have an elegant design.

Tourism in Similan Islands:

These islands are located in the West Andaman Sea, and it is considered one of the important diving destinations in Thailand. This archipelago consists of nine islands covered among tropical forests, these islands are characterized by its fine sandy beaches, and there are a number of destinations on these islands below the surface of the water, and Similan is one of the most places Exciting, these islands consist of two different types of diving spots that surround the Similan Islands.

Tourism on Koh Tao Island:

Or as it is known as the turtle island name, which is a small island located near the shore of the Gulf of Thailand from the eastern side, and it is considered one of the most popular destinations in the world in order to learn diving around the reefs, because the island contains many types of coral reefs, marine creatures, turtles and numbers Great little fish.

Huahine tourism:

It is considered one of the Jinan of Thailand, as it contains many natural parks, and the largest park area in which about 3000 km2, characterized by calm as it overlooks the Gulf of Thailand in a place described by everyone as the quietest places of Thailand, there are many activities so it is an ideal destination to spend Honeymoon or family holiday.

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