Tourism in Aden

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Aden is one of the cities in the Asian continent, where it overlooks the Arabian Sea, and its coast is located in the southern part of Yemen, Aden is the second most important city in Yemen after the capital Sana’a, and its total area reaches 760 square kilometers, while its population reaches about 865 thousand people.

The coordinates of the city are limited to the equator between the two latitudes 47 and 12 degrees to the north, and it is bordered by the north corner, the eastern part of Lahj governorate, and from the northwest corner of Abyan governorate. It has many land roads that connect to several cities such as Taiz.

Tourism in Aden

It is one of the Yemeni cities that suffer from a lack of tourist numbers despite containing a number of ancient archaeological sites, and this weakness is due to the lack of tourism services provided in the country in terms of transportation, and tourist hotels.

Also, the wars, and conflicts that the city is currently experiencing between many parties, are prohibited from visiting this city by tourists. Among the most prominent tourist attractions in Aden are:

  • Big Ben Aden: Its construction dates back to the year 1890 AD, to be the edifice of one of the colonies of the Indian-British occupation in the city, and was designed by British engineers to be similar to Big Ben located in the English city of London.

It was built by a group of stones with a black color, stone cement, and water, and its height is about twenty-two meters, and the most important feature of it is that it stopped moving for a period of time, but since 2012 it has returned to normal.

  • Sirah Castle: It is one of the military sites that are currently affiliated with members of the Yemeni army, as it was built in the eleventh century on the volcanic island of Sira, and its construction dates back to 1173 AD by Osman Zangabili Al-Takriti, the Turkish ruler at the time, and the castle has a large military role since the era The old as a stronghold against strong attacks.
  • Aden Lighthouse: It is one of the ancient monuments that are more than 1,200 years old. The lighthouse belonged to one of the mosques built next to it, but the mosque was later demolished.
  • Elephant hose: It is one of the natural features formed from a group of interlocking rocks in the form of an elephant hose, where this milestone occurred as a result of the continuous movement of the sea, and there is a hose near the golden coast known as Gold More.
  • Aban Mosque: It is one of the old mosques that were built during the era of Othman bin Affan, and that was before returning to Medina.

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