Guide Tourist Agadir The best tourist places in Morocco are recommended to visit in the magnificent Agadir in addition to the most beautiful hotels, the Moroccan city of Agadir is located in the north of the western central side of the Kingdom of Morocco, so close to the extension of the Atlas Mountains, its western borders share it with the borders of the Atlantic Ocean, while it is bordered to the east by a region Taroudant, bordered by the city of Essaouira to the north, and from the southern border by the Tiznit region.
And Agadir is distinguished as one of the most beautiful sites in Morocco, where it is characterized by the spread of orchards and farms, producing several types of vegetables and fruits, which helped to be one of the modern Moroccan cities that includes all aspects of modern life, from beautiful squares, gardens and hotels, which helped to be the city of Agadir from The leading tourist cities in southern Morocco.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Agadir Morocco – Agadir Morocco Points of interest:

History of the city:

The historical indicated that the name Agadir means horse or collective store, this name which came in the Amazigh language but it is of Phoenician origins because the Phoenicians and Carthaginians settled in the city of Agadir in order to benefit from its strategic location near the sea, but at the level of its global fame that it has started when A Portuguese noble lived in it in the fifteenth century and was using this city as a center for hunting and trade, and that was from 1505 until the Portuguese nobleman abandoned his properties in the city in 1513 in order to give them to the King of Portugal, who was keen to work to increase the need for buildings in the city.
He established a garrison within the region and named it Saint-Cruz de Cap-de-Guy, which helped the city witness many economic developments that had an important role in the city’s transformation into an important commercial center in which trade exchanges took place, and starting in 1541 Agadir returned again To Morocco, during the era of the Saadiyya dynasty during the days of the rule of Muhammad Sheikh, the founder of this dynasty, and in the eighteenth century the economy of the city of Agadir began to decline, especially with the shift in the port’s city activity, and in 1911 the city of Agadir witnessed a major conflict between both the French occuAl Bahahn and the German occuAl Bahahn that sent His barge, known as L We pass to the port of Agadir, in order to provide the necessary protection for its residents, which helped encourage France to strengthen its control over Agadir, and that was in the year 1913.

The most important sights in Agadir:

Agadir has a number of distinctive tourist attractions, the most important of which are the following:
  • Massa mite:

It is a national park, the establishment of this park dates back to 1991, and its location is in the southern side of the city, and there are many types of birds that number about two hundred species. The garden also inhabits several types of butterflies, including endangered species, in addition to many reptiles and mammals. This park covers an area of ​​33800 hectares, this garden gives its visitors a great opportunity to enjoy seeing animals closely, in a wonderful scene much like a safari experience in the jungles of Africa.

  • Hope Square:

This square is one of the most beautiful squares in Agadir, where many tourists visit in order to enjoy the festivals that are held there, and this square is characterized by the presence of many palm trees planted everywhere in it, along with the size of its area and its strategic location.

  • Crocodile garden:

It is considered one of the most wonderful and exotic parks and more attractive to visitors in the city of Agadir, as it is one of the tourist destinations that are no less important than the Bird Garden, this garden was originally established with the aim of protecting crocodiles that exist in Morocco from extinction, where an environment similar to the same environment has been created The river that the crocodile loves to live in, and this garden is located at a distance of 14 kilometers from the city of Agadir, and this garden provides its visitors an opportunity to approach as close as possible to the predator crocodile animal that is the king of the rivers and their ruler.

  • Olhao Park:

This garden is one of the most characteristic of its beautiful milky nature, as it is possible to sit in it for long times in order to breathe fresh air and get a long fun time, and a playground has been set up for children to spend their time without getting bored, and there are many wooden benches in order to Visitors sit there, in addition to the presence of many cafes in which drinks are sold, and there are a number of grocery outlets for the sale of food.

  • birds Garden :

It is one of the most magnificent tourist destinations that many visitors intend to enjoy seeing many different and varied birds, and it fills the garden land with its cheeks, screams and flaps of its wings, and the park is considered one of the most important and most beautiful tourist destinations that must be visited when solutions are on the land of Agadir, and includes The park has many types of birds that were brought in from various continents of the world, on top of which is the continent of South America, so there is a parrot bird of different colors and types, and there is also a sad and storking bird, as well as the presence of many types of endangered birds such as deer and llamas Wild goat and kangaroo.
There is also a nursery in the garden planted with a number of rare plants, which gives this garden magnificence and strangeness at the same time, making visitors enjoy while revealing their secrets while wandering under the lush shades, and the Bird Garden is one of the tourist destinations that are always advised to visit before Families, due to its calmness and safety as well as the respect that controls it, and children find sufficient freedom to run, play and express their joy and enjoyment, this garden was established in the period between 1982 and 1986, and an area of ​​2.5 hectares, located near Agadir Beach.

  • Agadir Beach:

The beach of the city of Agadir is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city, this beach is characterized by its moderate waters where it is possible to swim in it throughout the days of the year, as it is one of the cleanest and most wonderful beaches of Morocco at all, and it is possible to walk around the sides of this beach, which gives visitors a great opportunity to practice sport Swimming and diving, in addition to the possibility of horseback riding and kitesurfing, there are a number of restaurants and cafes on the beach to serve drinks and different foods.

  • Agadir Park:

It is a promenade that runs along the beach of Agadir, in which the city welcomes local tourists and foreigners, and a number of cafes and restaurants are spread in it, and a number of evenings, events and many activities for children are held.

  • Camel and horse riding area:

Tourists have a great opportunity to ride camels and horses and then take a wonderful tour of the Agadir desert to get to know them.

The most important urban landmarks in Agadir:

  • Casbah:

The Kasbah is one of the important tourist places in Agadir, also called Agadir Ovla. It is a small fortified castle, built at a height of 236 meters above the surface of the earth. It was built by Sultan Muhammad Sheikh Al-Saadi in 1540 and is the founder of Saadia, in order to use it to resist the attacks of the Portuguese On the coasts, the Kasbah is distinguished by its unique design, as it was built according to the desert style in Morocco, so its walls tend to turn red, and it is strange that the Kasbah remained steadfast in front of the devastating earthquakes that struck the city of Agadir in 1960 and killed a third of the city’s population at that time, despite the fact that the Kasbah Old buildings The other several centuries, this is evidence of the quality of the old buildings, and perhaps the area over which the story was built was less likely to be affected by the earthquake.

  • Municipal Museum:

This municipal museum in the city of Agadir, which includes many art pieces that embody the Amazigh heritage that dominates the Souss region, and in it there are many wonderful art pieces that have been handcrafted, from earrings, bracelets and jewelry, along with a number of pottery and traditional clothes for the Amazighs. The number of There are two hundred pieces in the museum, dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as traditional and carpet doors are displayed in addition to the numerous art exhibitions that are organized for paintings that paint the heritage of the Berbers by colors and feather, it is possible to enter the Municipal Museum of Els Pleasures of beauty and return in time and the visitor center of these unique pieces of art, this is the top of the real fun where the visitor feels like a completely live among both eras of time is different from the other, this museum is very interested in providing information related to the Amazigh heritage arts.

  • Agadir port:

It is considered one of the most important destinations in the capital, Sousse, where many people mean it to enjoy the scenery of ships and yachts and enjoy the waves as they clash with each other and mediate with ships and boats with the possibility of eating any of the delicious seafood that was prepared very carefully, because many fish are available on The coast of Agadir, there is a guarantee of a tasty and delicious fish meal with high quality and affordable prices.

  • Tafraout Village:

It is a village located among a number of mountainous monuments that are characterized by the diversity of its rocks between pink and orange colors, and this village is one of the most important tourist sites in the city of Agadir, as this village is visited by many tourists who want to learn about the nature of the Moroccan countryside. The village is on the southeastern side of this ancient Moroccan city.

  • La Medina de Agadir:

This city embodies the traditional style of the villages of Morocco in the past, and relied on the use of traditional and ancient building tools and tools, and all the materials that were used in their construction are all local materials, many visitors are keen to visit in order to enjoy their vision and shopping from the small shops that spread in them.

  • New Old City:

It is a traditional city that was rebuilt by an italyn engineer named Coco Polizzi, where it was built in the classic classic style of clay and red color that characterizes the region, where this city was built with high craftsmanship, and this city extends over an area of ​​4 hectares, and it has Many shops in which the products of the traditional craftsmen are displayed, which adds to the place joy and splendor of mind for more than a hundred years ago, this city that was built on the ruins of an ancient city was destroyed by the earthquake, and the goal was to revive the heritage of this region and revive Memory of the victims The earthquake, especially the craftsmen who died in this terrible catastrophe, it is possible to enter the city in order to wander between its walls and alleys, in exchange for paying 40 dirhams to enjoy the inside of this paste.

The most popular commercial destinations in Agadir:

  • Sunday market :

The Sunday market in Agadir is considered one of the largest markets at the level of Africa and the largest at the level of Morocco, where it contains about 6000 shops, these stores are distributed between electronic stores, clothing and furnishing stores, and furniture stores and other vegetables and fruits, in short, there is everything in the market that the eyes desire and everything imagined in the minds Visiting the Sunday market is a huge opportunity for tourists to get souvenirs and gifts from Morocco, at very reasonable prices and with quality that cannot be questioned, but care must be taken when purchasing.

Landmarks of culture in Agadir:

The nature of culture in Agadir reflects a number of aspects that characterize this city, including:


In the city of Agadir, it features a number of festivals, such as:

  • The Timitar Festival, which is one of the Moroccan festivals held in July, has a role in fostering the encounter between Amazigh art and international music.
  • The Film Festival This festival seeks to gather together artists and individuals from the masses of Agadir and all parts of Morocco, and it forms an important part of the city’s cultural development.
  • The Tolerance Party, which is a music festival aimed at promoting ways to respect the difference between people and work to support peace and tolerance and confront all factors of discrimination.

the kitchen:

The city of Agadir is distinguished by the foods it serves as it depends on harvesting and fishing, as its cuisine has its own nature.

Top hotels in Agadir:

  • Tildi Hotel & Spa:

It is one of the elegant hotels that are located in the heart of the city of Agadir, and it is considered one of the best hotels in it, as it is located only five minutes from the beach of Agadir on foot, and away from the international march of Agadir at a distance of about 20 km, and is one of the best hotels in the city Agadir considering the value for money, the hotel is very clean and well-appointed, but the pieces of furniture in it look a little old.

  • Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Hotel:

This hotel is located a few minutes walk from the beachfront, and it provides a private beach area and is only about ten minutes by car, and away from the airport at a distance of 19 km, the hotel is characterized by its cleanliness, it has a pool and is characterized by the quality of its services.

  • New Farah Hotel:

This hotel is a short walk away from the beach in Agadir, and is also a simple distance from the city’s shopping area, and about 260 meters from the Royal Tennis Club, and is one of the city’s budget hotels.

  • Royal Atlas Hotel & Spa:

This hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Agadir, due to its location close to the beach, which is just a three minute walk away, and it is located 27 kilometers away from the airport.

  • Iberostar Hotel:

This hotel is located close to the beach as it is away from the city center, away from the Ocean Golf Club at a distance of 5.5 kilometers, while it is 22 kilometers from the airport.

  • Kenzi Europe Hotel:

It is considered one of the best hotels in the city of Agadir, as it is located a short distance from the heart of the city can be reached on foot, as well as a short distance from the beach, and away from Agadir Marina just one kilometer, while the airport is 28 kilometers.

  • Sofitel Agadir:

It is considered one of the best five-star hotels in Agadir, just five minutes walk away from the beach, this hotel has its own beach, which is 1.5 kilometers from the city center, and a distance of 7 kilometers from the Kasbah of Agadir, while Away from the airport, 27 km.

  • Al Maghar Garden Hotel:

It is one of the elegant hotels that is a short distance from the beach, which can be reached on foot, while the city center is only about 600 square meters, and it is 27 kilometers from Agadir International Airport.

  • Timoulay Hotel & Spa:

It is considered one of the best hotels in Agadir in terms of value for money, it is located a few minutes from the beach, and away from the center of Agadir, about ten minutes by car.

  • Atlantic Hotel:

This hotel is located in the heart of Agadir, where it is a ten minute walk from the beach, and a golf course 5 km from the golf course, while Agadir airport is 25 km.



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