Albania, this small European country that possesses charm and beauty in its picturesque nature, between the wonderful beaches surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, and islands of magnificence, in addition to its unique set of tourist attractions, and historical attractions with amazing designs.

When you make the decision to travel to Albania, a number of questions arise quickly in your mind, perhaps the most prominent of which is the capital of Albania? It is the wonderful city of Tirana, and the most important question is regarding the cost of tourism in Albania? The country of Albania is distinguished by its lower cost of tourism than the rest of Europe.

The best seasons of tourism in Albania

The best seasons of a visit to the Republic of Albania are the spring and autumn seasons, during which the weather in Albania is wonderful, and the tourists can enjoy the outdoor activities and visit the charming cities of Albania, and discover that Albania has unique tourism.

In the summer, the climate of Albania is very hot. You cannot take to the streets from 12 noon to 4 pm.

As for the autumn season, you will enjoy bright sun and cool breezes with a breathtaking nature that gives you the full opportunity to discover its beauty.

And in the winter, the rains increase greatly, which spoils your trip. It is not recommended to travel to Albania this season.

We have reached the most beautiful seasons of the year, so flowers are scattered, and their water is dispersed throughout the country, they are covered with vegetables in a stunning view, and you can enjoy their picturesque beaches and special attractions.

How long can you stay in Albania?

You can stay in Albania for the purpose of tourism by obtaining a visa of 90 to 180 days.

The cost of travel to Albania

The cost of travel to Albania ranges between 400: 450 dollars for two people per day.

It may vary according to your will.

Tourism in Tirana

Tirana is one of the most beautiful cities and capital of Albania, and it is one of the most important tourism destinations in Albania. It is Skanderberg Square, and you can enjoy an interesting tour to see this city from above when you ride the cable car.

The proposed duration of visiting tourist places in Albania in the city of Tirana is two days, to get to know the most beautiful tourist places in Albania Tirana … read more

Tourism in Albania

Tourism in Sarande

The most famous tourist place in Albania, Sarandi is located in the south of Albania, which is a gateway to visit the sights, magnificent attractions and picturesque beaches in the south. Potrent archaeological area that contains many important historical monuments.

The proposed time to visit tourist destinations in Albania Sarande is two days.

Albania tourism

Tourism in Berat

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Albania is the city listed on the World Heritage List, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is the preservation of its rare form and architecture, which is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, as it includes some monuments dating back to the 4 century BC, and also includes a castle The magnificent Birat, which is located on a high plateau overlooking the river Assum, and its construction dates back to the 13th century. This castle also offers panoramic views of this charming city

The proposed time to visit tourist places in Albania Berat is two days.

Tourist places in Albania

Tourism in Doris

It is the largest and oldest tourism city in Albania, which enjoys its impressive views of the Adriatic coast, this city combines ancient Romen ruins, museums that carry a lot of fragrant history and origin, up to that amazing group of picturesque beaches between golden sands and clear waters Crystal attracts many tourists to enjoy its fun atmosphere, so it becomes more crowded during the summer season, which is suitable for young and honeymoon trips.

The proposed time to visit tourist places in Albania Doris is one day.

The country of Albania

Tourism in Shkodra

The city of Shkodra, which is the historical and cultural center of Albania, is a city rich with its natural landscapes that overlook the Lake Scadar and the Alps that allow tourists to do interesting activities and exciting adventures.

The proposed time to visit tourist places in Albania Shkodra is one day.

Tourism of Alanya

Tourism in Himare

Himari is the quietest among the tourism cities in Albania, which gives a lot to recreational lovers and those looking for tranquility, as it includes picturesque uncrowded beaches and is surrounded by mountains in vivid paintings of charming nature. in the city.

The proposed time to visit tourist places in Albania Himari is one day.

The Republic of Albania

Tourism in Flora

Flora, which includes the most magnificent landmarks of tourism in Albania, embraces the wonderful monuments and beaches that combine the Ionian Sea and the Ardiatica in what is known as the Flora Bay, and the charming natural scenery. The city also enjoys a warm sunny weather most of the days of the year. Navy.

The proposed time to visit tourist places in Albania Flora is one day.

The climate of Albania

The best Albania hotels

Albania enjoys a wonderful group of hotels that are distinguished by its proximity to the most important tourist attractions in Albania, and it also provides the finest accommodations. Below we will present a list of the best Albania hotels according to the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors ..

Albania hotels

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