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Tourism in Albania

Albania is located on the European continent and is known as one of the most isolated European countries and protection from the manifestations of pollution in addition to containing many beaches and unspoiled tourist places, Albania is famous for its seafood, lamb, Albanian fruit and vegetables, and tourists can reach it through the associated airlines From around the world, and can choose between staying in a 5-star hotel, luxury resorts, or budget hotels, depending on the budget.

The best time of the year for tourism in Albania

Tourism in Albania is not limited to a specific time of the year, as spring and summer are the ideal time for lovers of swimming and water games, while autumn and winter are the best time to ski and visit museums, and due to the difference in temperatures from one region to another in Albania, tourists often find a place Suitable for visiting it throughout the months of the year.

The most important tourist places in Albania

Unlike other European countries, the tourism sector in Albania was active only about 27 years ago, and during this short time the country was able to attract tourists to it thanks to the tourist attractions it contains, the most important of which are:

  • Mountain heights: Albania is one of the most mountainous countries in the world, with mountains making up 70% of its landscape. You can enjoy visiting its southern mountains planted with hazelnuts, tomatoes, and leafy vegetables, visit the Albanian Alps to the northwest, and discover hiking trails and clear ice lakes located there.
  • Himara village: Himara village is the main village located in the Albanian Riviera, and is an important tourist destination in Albania due to its amazing beaches and the spread of nightlife in it.
  • Lake Coman: Tourists can reach Lake Koman from the northern city of Shkodara between the city of Shkodra and the Valbona National Park, which is an artificial lake built during the communist regime, and a tourist can board and enjoy a boat.

Country video without McDonald’s

Do you imagine a country in the world that does not have any McDonald’s branches? Yes, it is “Albania”, so what do you know about it too? :

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