Tourism in Amalfi .. Dear tourist, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in southern Italy, so you should visit it to see many charming natural scenery.

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Tourism in Amalfi ..

Tourism in Amalfi ..Tourism in Amalfi .. To reach Imphali, you have to go to the airport “Leonardo da Vinci” known as “Fiumicino Rome”, it is one of the largest airports in Italy and it is three and a half hours away from the coast of the Imphali, and after that you have to take a car to reach Elbe, we advise you dear tourist By renting a car when visiting the Imphali Coast, because this region is large and has many areas that are worth seeing, but make sure that the car is equipped with Gps.

Traveling to Amalfi .. Know the temperatures and the best times to visit Amalfi ..

Traveling to Amalfi .. Know the temperatures and the best times to visit Amalfi ..
Traveling to Amalfi .. Know the temperatures and the best times to visit Amalfi .. Dear tourist, the peak season in the city is the summer and the period between each season and the other season, so we find that July and August are the peak of the tourist season so many tourists go to the city But temperatures reach 35 degrees Celsius, if you do not like crowding and want to obtain moderate prices from hotels and airlines, we advise you to go in the month of April, when the atmosphere is moderate and the prices are appropriate.

“The town of Vietri sul mare” .. Tourist places in Amalfi ..

It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places on the coast of Imphali, so it was called the Pearl and it is considered the capital of ceramic industry in the region, it is not an ordinary industry, but it has become an art passed on by generations, and there is a museum of ceramics due to its beauty and wonderful shapes, and we find a trace of the past that blends with modernity.

“Positano” .. the best tourist places in Amalfi ..

    The city of PositanoPositano is one of the most beautiful cities on the coast of Imphali as it is an unparalleled destination for photography lovers, because they can get the largest number of wonderful memorial photos due to its wonderful beaches and the color of the scarlet water that captivates the hearts so you should visit it and spend the best times in it and the city is not limited to The beauty of its beaches, and even the city is dotted with shops that offer products that everyone likes, so choose the clothes, shoes, bags and other products that you like. Perhaps the most beautiful is handicrafts such as the manufacture of leather sandals that the city is famous for where the workshops spread in the region so you must enter You can give them other sizes to manufacture them and give them to your loved ones. When you feel tired, you must enter one of the cafes and eat a cake stuffed with cream or almonds with a cup of coffee, it is one of the most beautiful snacks in the city. If you want to have a lunch, you should eat a meal Fresh seafood is delicious.

“Atrani Village” .. Tourist places in Amalfi ..

The village of Atrani Atrani village, dear tourist, we advise you to visit this beautiful village, especially if you are a hunting enthusiast, because this village is preserved as it is a traditional village for fishermen and by it you will find a lot of fishermen you can help them to enjoy the experience of hunting and the village is also characterized by its wonderful view on the beach where calm and beauty there is no place For the noise of the city, do not miss to climb to the highest area in the village to get a beautiful panoramic view of its surroundings because it is distinguished by its height for being on a mountain and of course I take beautiful memorial photos of these views.

“Ravello town” .. Tourist places in Amalfi ..

    The town of RavelloRavello is one of the beautiful tourist destinations on the coast of Imphali and it is located in the region of Campania, which is famous for its beautiful towns. The town is distinguished by its presence at a height of 370 meters above sea level, providing a wonderful view of the Gulf of Salerno, so we assure you that you will spend the best times in it, as it is not limited to the scenery. Natural but also historical places worth seeing and you should visit the “Villa Rufolo” Palace, which dates back to the 11th century AD and due to its beauty was a source of inspiration for the composer “Rakkard Wagner” who lived in it.

“Ceramic Museum” .. the most important tourist attractions in Amalfi ..

The coast of Imphali is famous for its manufacture of ceramics in various shapes and types until it has become a wonderful art worth seeing. So you should visit the Ceramic Museum located in the town of Raito in the Villa Gorillaia and also the Corallero Museum. Various buildings.

“Capri Island” .. the most beautiful places of tourism in Amalfi ..

Capri Island Capri Island is one of the most famous natural attractions in the region and this island is characterized by its charming natural scenery like the blue cave in it and to see a wonderful natural landscape for you to climb dear the tourist to the top of the island and take pictures of this place and you have to pass through the town of Anna Capri as it is located at the top of the island so that you can Get to know the local people, their customs, their stories and also go through the villa “San Michele”, where the famous novelist Axel Monti lived.

“Tour of the Amalfi Coast” .. the best tourist attractions in Amalfi ..

Dear tourist, you should take a stroll on the coast so that you can see the largest number of beautiful landscapes and colorful houses and stop at the place you see suitable for taking memorial photos like limestone cliffs, olive trees and lemon gardens in addition to the wonderful water view.

“Pia de Liranto Beach” .. the most important tourist place in Amalfi

Pia de Liranto BeachPia de Liranto Beach, dear tourist, when you visit to Imphali, you will find many wonderful beaches, and one of the most beautiful is Pia de Liranto Beach, so you should visit it to swim in its beautiful waters. To explore the coast, the most beautiful beaches are also Punta Campanella, which is located in the village of Nirano and a beach in the village of Meroi because it is one of the longest beaches.

“The village of Amalfi” .. the tourist places in Amalfi ..

It is located between Salerno and Sorrento, and it is one of the most beautiful villages in the region. It is also the starting point to nearby islands. The village is distinguished by its beautiful architecture, which is admired by everyone who watches it. The village also has a number of shops among its narrow streets, so buy them as you like.

“Sorrento” is the best place for tourism in Amalfi.

The city of SorrentoSorrento is one of the most important cities in the region and it was just a fishing village, but then it turned into a wonderful tourist resort that tourists go to from everywhere because it has a number of local and international restaurants and also shops that provide the needs of visitors as they are located on a sloping rock, Its streets are distinguished by its colorful houses that are decorated with flowers in addition to its beautiful location on the Mount Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples.

Learn about the most delicious cuisine and the best restaurants in Imphali ..

Learn about the most delicious cuisine and the best restaurants in ImphaliLearn about the most delicious cuisine and the best restaurants in Imphali, Aziz, the tourist, Imphali is famous for the pasta and pizza dishes that all regions of Italy are famous for, but Pamfali’s kitchen is characterized by serving a group of the most delicious fresh seafood dishes due to its coastal nature, you should try a mixed dish of seafood as for the best restaurants in the region About 7 restaurants have a Michelin star, for example, “Marina Grande”, you can eat shrimps beside the rice with its wonderful flavors, and “de Gama Amalfi” restaurant, which offers pasta with great recipes next to appetizers and salads.

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