Tourism in Amsterdam

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Tourism in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands, which is the city of Amsterdam, is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the European continent; it annually receives more than 4.63 million visitors, despite the fact that approximately 16 million visitors who visit the city for one day are not taken into account, where tourists of European descent constitute the majority The majority of city visitors are 74%, and 14% of city visitors come from the United States of America. The rest of the visitors are from continents and other countries of the world. It is worth noting that the tourist activity of the city is increasing in the seasons of festivals and celebrations, as many hotels put their programs and special activities according to these events.

Landmarks in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam includes many sites and private landmarks, which would make it an important center for attracting visitors and tourists from within the city and from outside, and the most important of these landmarks:

Sights of the old city

The ancient part of the city of Amsterdam includes many historical and archaeological monuments, including:

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  • Aristocratic houses with astonishing architectural design, whose construction dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
  • The old church (Oude Kerk), which was built during the thirteenth century.
  • The new church (Nieuwe Kerk), which was built during the fifteenth century.
  • The Southern Church (Zuiderkerk), which was built in 1611 AD.
  • The Westerkerk Church, which was built in 1631 AD, is the church where the famous painter Rembrandt was buried.
  • The royal palace is characterized by a classical architectural style.
  • The Munttoren tower, which was part of the city gate during the middle centuries, was built in a square design in the seventeenth century.
  • Trippenhuis, the building of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • Entrance (Oudemanhuispoort), which now represents the entrance to a main building at the University of Amsterdam.
  • (Rembrandt) Square.
  • The Dam Square.
  • Leidseplein Square.

Cultural places

Amsterdam abounds with cultural and artistic landmarks, in addition to the presence of two large universities and a local theater in it, it contains several other landmarks, including:

  • The Rijksmuseum is the city’s main art museum.
  • The Van Gogh Museum where a collection of works by famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is displayed.
  • The Local Museum of Modern Art.
  • The famous orchestra (concerto gbo).

Water channels

Surrounded by the old part of the city of Amsterdam, three water channels from the east, the west, and the south, and these channels are: the Kaiser-Sejrasht channel, the Herringstrass channel, and the Princessgrass channel, as well as the luxurious and ancient buildings extend along these channels, it is worth noting that the date of construction of these buildings It dates back to the seventeenth century, as it was at the hands of the city’s merchants, in addition to that the city of Amsterdam includes large lanes and suburbs built during the two centuries: the nineteenth and twentieth centuries on the back side of the water channels.

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