Tourism in Azerbaijan is an emerging and promising tourism in the world, many Arab tourists prefer to travel to Azerbaijan for the sake of tourism because of its charming natural beauty and striking historical monuments.

The sun of tourism in Azerbaijan began to shine during the past few years, with a government focus on promoting the country and the increasing number of tourists from different parts of the world, due to the diversity of tourist destinations in Azerbaijan.

Before traveling to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is an Islamic country, Muslims represent the majority of the population, and Muslims are 90% predominantly Shiite, while 10% are Sunni. The official currency of Azerbaijan is the manat.

As for the language, the official language is Azeri and is considered close to the old Turkish language, and it is also close to the Russian language, which is a common language for this population.

If you decide to travel to Azerbaijan, do not worry, there is a good percentage of the population who speak English.

Transportation is excellent, as it is supported by a modern metro network, in addition to public buses and taxis. The cost of transportation in Azerbaijan in terms of transportation is cheap due to the availability and cheap fuel.

Finally, Azerbaijan hotels are considered one of the most luxurious and luxurious hotels, some of them are very expensive and you can find what is economical.

What are the seasons of tourism in Azerbaijan?

The weather of Azerbaijan, including the capital Baku, is characterized by heat in summer and cold in winter. The summer period extends from June to September, while winter continues from November to March.

In January, snow falls heavily, and the best time to visit the capital Baku is from January to April and during September and October, when the climate is suitable for visiting tourist places in Azerbaijan.

Let us now know the most beautiful tourist cities of Azerbaijan, which are:

Tourism in Baku

Baku, the capital city, is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Azerbaijan, where the modern features of the city are mixed with its historical and archeological parts, so as to fascinate tourists with its modern face and ancient historical spirit.

Many tourists come to Baku annually to learn about the most famous tourist attractions in Baku Azerbaijan

The most important tourist places in Baku Azerbaijan

On this topic, we will introduce you to the most important tourist areas in Azerbaijan, which Baku is famous for and which made it the first destination for tourism in Azerbaijan .. Read more

Tourism in Azerbaijan

Tourism in Quba

The city of Quba is one of the most famous tourist places in Azerbaijan, which is located in the north of the country.

Tourism in Azerbaijan includes Quba, many historical buildings and temples, ancient mosques and ancient baths, and the city is famous for its abundant fertile lands, green nature and handicrafts .. Read more

A scene from Quba

Tourism in Gabala

It is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in historical Azerbaijan and its oldest region ever. The city of Gabala, Azerbaijan, is characterized by its green forests of walnut and chestnut trees, in addition to its historical landmarks and modern facilities such as Gabaland.

Characterized by its unique climatic conditions, its nature that includes waterfalls, rivers and mountain springs, and the dark green colors of the city’s parks ..Read more

The seven guzel waterfalls in Gabala

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