Tourism in Bangkok

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Bangkok city

Bangkok is located in the middle of Thailand, specifically on the Chao Phraya River, and it is considered the main port for it, and Bangkok is the official capital of Thailand, knowing that it is the largest city in it, as it is also called (the city of angels), or (the city of sky), in addition to that it is called Also the name (the Venice of the East), due to the abundance of water in it, and it is worth noting that the city area is about one thousand five hundred and sixty five square kilometers, while its population amounts to approximately 8.5 million people, and Bangkok has surpassed the major tourist cities in the year two thousand and sixteen Where I became a The city of tourist destination is the first in the list of tourist cities, according to what was announced by MasterCard, and it includes a group of tourist, historical and archeological monuments, the most important of which are:

The Grand Palace

The palace is located in the old city, and it was built in one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two by order of King Buddha, where the palace was the seat of the Siamese kings, since the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty, and until the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty five, knowing that the statue of the Emerald Buddha was carved into a sanctuary the palace.

Wat Pho Temple

The Wat Pho Temple is considered one of the most prominent and largest temples in the city of Bangkok, where the temple includes a huge statue of Buddha with a length of approximately forty-six meters, knowing that the statue is made of gold, and the temple also includes a group of gardens located next to it, in addition to being distinguished by its sculpted and ornate walls .

Siam Oceanworld

Siam Ocean is considered one of the most prominent landmarks. It forms a large marine life, as the height of the basin reaches about eight meters, and it also includes a large group of fish, which number about thirty thousand fish, sharks, in addition to the penguins, and others, which It lives in underwater tunnels, in the wreckage of a man-made ship, and contains a variety of plants and marine animals. It is worth noting that the visitor has the opportunity to practice adventures and activities on ice.

Giant Swing

Swing was established in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-four by order of King Rama I, and it is considered one of the most important religious religious sites in the city of Bangkok, bearing in mind that the tower represents the power of the city of Bangkok, and it is worth noting that there are those who believe the god Shiva landed on the land, and resided there for ten days During the second lunar month, festivities are held accordingly, which are embodied in the practice of some games, and courageous movements, such as acrobatic movements in the air; to obtain the money suspended at a height of fifteen meters.


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