Tourism in Barcelona

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Tourism in Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid, and it is considered the capital of Catalonia, which is an important cultural center and a basic tourist destination; it includes many sites that attract tourists, and the city is distinguished by its rich heritage and architectural works by Anthony Gaudi in addition to that it has many heritage sites There are many landmarks in UNESCO, most notably the colossal Anthony Gaudi Church still under construction, which has been under construction since 1882, and the church is located in the Sagrada Familia, and in addition to being a cultural city, it has a major role in influencing the fields of sport, and Education, media, entertainment, fashion, art and many more make it one of the global and major cities.

The most important tourist sites in Barcelona

There are many important tourist sites in Barcelona, ​​and here are some of the most visited places:

  • Barcelona History Museum: The Museum of Barcelona History (English: Museu d’Història de Barcelona) opened in 1943 and represents Barcelona’s history through a collection of exhibitions.
  • Picasso Museum: The Museu Picasso Museum contains artworks for Pablo Picasso, as it contains 4,251 works of its production, which is more than one building and is located in five palaces built next to each other in the La Libera region.
  • Barcelona Zoo: The Barcelona Zoo (Parc Zoològic de Barcelona) became famous because of its presence (Snowflake) in it, a gorilla albino, who died in 2003, and contains an exhibition of Komodo dragon, and shows of dolphins.
  • Casamela: Casa Milà “La Pedrera” is a modern building designed by Anthony Gaudi, built between 1906 and 1912 AD, and the design of the building contains twisted balconies and a twisted facade, which is unique.
  • Spanish village: The Spanish village (Poble Espanyol de Barcelona) is an open air museum founded in 1929, and it is a museum specialized in architecture, which is 117 buildings that formed what is known as the Spanish village, and includes a theater, artisan workshops, restaurants, and many tourist facilities.
  • Elborn Cultural Center: The El Born Center Cultural Center is a cultural center, which is part of an old building that was previously a market, and was opened to promote important cultural events in the city, where meetings and evenings are held continuously.
  • Barcelona Aquarium: Barcelona Aquarium (L’Aquàrium de Barcelona) is located in Port Vell, and contains 35 fish tanks, containing 11,000 marine animals, belonging to 450 species.
  • Barcelona Club Museum: The Museu FC Barcelona Museum is a museum dedicated to the Barcelona Football Club, and is characterized by the presence of a three-dimensional cinema, and an audiovisual touch screen.
  • Joel Park: Park Güell contains many architectural and natural landmarks designed to emulate the beauty of nature, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Sagrada Familia: Basílica de la Sagrada Família is the most popular Roman church in Barcelona, ​​which has not yet been completed, and the church was built by the famous architect Anthony Gaudi, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.


With a population of 1.6 million, it is the largest European city on the Mediterranean coast, and the second largest city in Spain.


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