Tourism in Belgium

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Tourism in Belgium

Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries in the continent of Europe; it includes many beautiful cities, in addition to the picturesque rural nature, and other attractions, such as historical castles and gardens, as the culture of this country is varied, and it varies even in its official languages, as its inhabitants speak alongside English, the Dutch language French, and German, as for the capital of the country (Brussels), it is considered one of the largest cities on the world level, and it has a prominent political role because it is the seat of a number of major organizations, such as: NATO, the European Union, and in This article has a few attractions in Belgium:

Jumbo Church Towers

The tower of Jumblu Church was built between the eleventh and seventeenth centuries, and it is a model of Baroque, Roman, and Gothic architectural styles, in addition to the architectural methods of the Renaissance, where this tower symbolically refers to the battle of civil liberties, and has become – after periods of time It represents the strength and development of cities, like other church towers in Europe. It is worth noting that the tower of Jumbelu Church is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Mons Memorial Museum

Mons Memorial Museum paints a realistic picture of the city of Mons during the two world wars, as its suffering multiplied through various experiences, from the British presence in the First World War to German control over it, and the splendor of this museum in its face lies in its face War conflict in a way that inspires reflection and reflection, as a display of the daily lives of soldiers, and an aspect of civilian suffering.

Bayeri Disa Zoo

The Bayeri Zoo is located in Hainaut Province, in an area of ​​650,000m2, and it is characterized by the diversity of its animal wealth, where more than five thousand animals live, including: koala, pandas, lemurs, and gorillas. Bat birds can be seen, and the garden is also distinguished by its beautiful, contrasting designs. It is divided into an East Asian section, an Australian section, a Chinese section, an African section, and others.


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