An integrated tourism report and program on the names of the most beautiful tourist areas in Berlin is considered one of the most important and largest cities in Germany, because it is considered the capital, and also the city of Berlin is characterized by its large area, through which it obtained the second position in terms of area in European cities, and is found in a city Berlin is a group of multiple tourist places, which many visitors usually come to, in order to enjoy watching these various monuments and monuments, which we will get acquainted with together through this article.

Berlin Tourism Guide:

First: The pillar of victory:

The Victory Column is one of the most important tourist attractions in Berlin, because it is one of the old columns in the city, since the establishment of this great monument dates back to the nearly eighteenth century.

Entertainment ways at the Victory Column:

  • The hiking around the pillar area, around which there are large green areas, there are many different plants and trees.
  • The rise of this great edifice and the enjoyment of seeing all the sights of Berlin through the towering column rise.
  • Eat the most delicious food, by sitting in one of the restaurants around the column.

Second: Charlottenburg Palace:

Charlottenburg Palace is one of the most famous sights in Berlin. It is considered one of the largest palaces in Berlin and it is the royal palace. This great palace was established from about the seventeenth century, and the most important characteristic of this palace is the statue located on the dome.

How to enjoy a visit to Charlottenburg Palace:

  • The palace includes a large number of multiple rooms, which include many decorations and ancient drawings, and this provides enjoyment for lovers of ancient places.
  • Also around the palace is a characteristic garden, which includes a large area of ​​green plants that can be walked on.

Third: Pergamon Museum:

Pergamon Museum is one of the most important museums in the German capital Berlin, because it is one of the museums that includes a large number of artifacts, and it is one of the most attractive museums for visitors from different parts of the world, because it narrates through its holdings many ancient civilizations.

How to enjoy visiting the Pergamon Museum:

  • Enjoy watching many artifacts and treasures, which date back to the Assyrian, Syrian and many other civilizations.
  • Learn about the Ishtar Gate, which is one of the oldest buildings, and see a collection of ancient decorations and inscriptions.
  • Enjoy watching the oldest museum, which was devoted to ancient Islamic arts, as the museum has more than ninety thousand Islamic pieces dating back to the eighteenth century.
  • It is also possible to enjoy the sight of many ancient Romen and Greek monuments, through the classical section devoted to Greek and Romen civilizations.

Fourth: Musical Instruments Museum:

The Musical Instruments Museum You cannot miss this distinguished museum, as it is one of the museums devoted to music lovers of all kinds, and many tourists are interested in visiting this great and attractive museum.

How to enjoy visiting the Musical Instruments Museum:

  • One can enjoy watching the world’s first invented machine, dating back to ancient Pharaonic times.
  • A large number of ancient musical instruments can be seen numbering more than three thousand different instruments.
  • Enjoy watching the musical instrument carried by Queen Prussia Sophie, along with some instruments of the world Frederick.

Fifth: Brandenburg Gate:

This gate is one of the most famous monuments in Berlin, because it is one of the large and vast places, which attracts many visitors, and lovers of walking and hiking.

How to enjoy visiting the Brandenburg Gate:

  • You can enjoy watching a collection of ancient inscriptions and motifs, among which are the horse statues at the top.
  • There are many different shows that are held at the gate, including New Year’s celebrations.
  • You can enjoy sitting in the green garden next to the gate, which has a fountain and some green plants.

Sixth: The TV Tower:

The television tower is one of the most important and famous in the city of Berlin, and the tower is also called the Berlin Tower, and it is considered one of the second longest towers, at the level of European countries, with a length of more than three hundred and sixty meters approximately.

How to enjoy visiting the TV tower:

  • Enjoy watching the entire city of Berlin, from the top of the Great Tower, through the escalators that give you the climb in less than a minute.
  • Enjoy enjoying the most delicious and beautiful distinctive foods, by sitting in the dome of the tower in the restaurant located there.
  • There are many shops around the tower, this is for lovers of shopping and souvenirs.

Seventh: Berlin Zoo

The zoo is one of the places that many would like to visit all over the world, but by visiting the Berlin Zoo you can experience an unforgettable trip, because the zoo is one of the first parks in Germany and won ninth place for the most beautiful parks in the world.

How to enjoy visiting the zoo:

  • Enjoy watching many different types of wild animals, among them lions and tigers, along with bears.
  • By being in the Berlin Zoo, you can see how to train different animals such as sea lions, as well as dolphins, as well as elephants.
  • You can enjoy watching many special Dolphin shows.
  • Enjoy watching the water park and watching the different types of fish, including sharks, and the most beautiful coral reefs.

Eighth: Old Berlin Museum:

The Berlin Old Museum is one of the most important museums to visit in the city of Berlin, because it contains many distinguished ancient models.

How to enjoy visiting the old Berlin Museum:

  • Enjoy watching a group of statues made of different stones, and some antiques dating back to the Greek era.
  • Enjoy sitting in the museum’s spacious garden which includes green spaces suitable for hiking.

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