The famous Berloti district in Istanbul is one of the regions that attracts many visitors from all over the world, because it is one of the charming places through which the visitor feels comfortable and relaxing, and we will know about the hill of Pierre Loti through this article, and everything related to This famous hill.

The reason for naming the place with this name:

This place was named after the Berloti hill, in relation to the famous French writer Pierre Loti, who was living in that region, and after that he met one of the women in this place also, who he later married, and so the place was named with this name.

Place of Berloti:

Pierre Loti hill is one of the most famous places in Turkey, and it has a great international fame, located specifically in the Ayoub region, located next to the Ayoub Sultan Mosque, which is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul, as it includes many different cafes, which have been named One of them is relative to the place.

Tourism in Pierlotte:

The Pierre Loti area is one of the areas that many beauty lovers are looking for, where the most beautiful scenic views of this place can be enjoyed, along with doing some different activities, where the Pierre Loti hill is one of the places that witnessed many civilizations as well, as it may It also combined its views of the Golden Horn, with many other scenic views, and it is one of the places that attract large numbers of visitors from different parts of the world.

Leisure activities in Pierre Loti:

Cable car ride:

The cable car ride is one of the recreational things in the Pierre Loti area, because it is possible to move to the area above the hill, which makes many visitors enjoy the different and attractive scenery while going up the hill, as it includes a group of stunning landscapes, That makes people feel relaxed.

See the landmarks of Istanbul:

Also, Pierre Loti Petal has many different and attractive scenes, which make the visitor feel enjoyment, by enjoying watching the Golden Horn, as well as enjoying watching some of the distinctive sights in Istanbul by going up the hill.

the shopping:

Also in the Pierre Loti area there are many different shops, which have many things that the visitor needs, and there is a large group of shops for the sale of souvenirs, in addition to the presence of shops selling antiques, in which many visitors find Have fun buying and keeping those things and this beautiful memory.

Turkish coffee:

The Pierre Loti area includes a large group of cafes that offer Turkish coffee cups, in which many visitors find pleasure and recreation, and there are more than one famous cafes in that place, but the most famous is Pierre Loti Café, which was named this name after the French author Pierre Loti And who was always present in this cafe, and he drinks coffee and breakfasts in this cafe, as well as another group of cafes, and breakfast in the Pierre Loti Café is a favorite among many visitors, in addition to the fact that its price is suitable for everyone, ranging from The cost of breakfast in the cafe is between p A company of dollars to about twenty dollars, in addition to eating different foods and enjoying the view from the hill, as well as smoking a hookah, as for a cup of tea, it does not exceed a dollar only in the café.

Pierre Loti Hotel:

The Pierre Loti hotel is one of the hotels located near the Pierre Loti hill area, and the hotel is named after the place name. This hotel features many distinguished services for visitors from all over the world, as it provides air-conditioned rooms, as well as free internet, along with Enjoy watching TV through attractive and flat screens, in addition to the hotel’s view of the most beautiful landscapes. The Pierre Loti Hotel also features the availability of bathrooms, which are designed in the traditional style, and it provides sessions for body cleaning and other various services available in the For a hotel.

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