We accompany you on a tour to get to know the most beautiful tourist areas in Bosnia, the Arab travelers Bosnia; it enjoys the picturesque nature and is characterized by the different geographical nature that makes it accepted by tourists, it is worth mentioning that it possesses mountains, hills, plateaus and forests, overlooking the sea through the Adriatic region that reaches an area of ​​six Twenty kilometers, as well as it is located in southeastern Europe in the Balkans, as it is bordered by the state of Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro, Busa enjoys the waters of rivers and rain, and the snow that covers it in the winter, where the beauty is unparalleled, so let’s get to know Bosnia The witch of x The This article is provided to you Arab travelers, Follow us.

Tourism in Bosnia, Arab travelers

Bosnia has many attractions, most notably Sarajevor, the Ghazi Mosque and the Ottoman market, so let’s get to know these picturesque areas.

The capital, Sarajevo

Tourism in Bosnia, Arab travelers
  • Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia, which is located on the banks of the Meltska River in the valley between the Dinaric Alps.
  • Sarajevo owns mountains and waterfalls that rise to 99 meters, and its most popular attractions are Mount Trebevich, Mount Pelashnica, as well as the Skakavacs Waterfall.
  • Sarajevo is surrounded by green vegetation and scenic views.
  • This region owns luxury hotels that provide excellent services to tourists, as it has achieved a high rate of ratings.

The Sarajevo Tunnel Life and Hope Tunnel

Tourism in Bosnia, Arab travelers

  • The war tunnel that saved Bosnia from destruction is the one that bore the name of love to be called the tunnel of hope and life, and it was accepted by tourists heading to the Seraphio, as it carries with it an interesting story and secrets that reveal its ability to protect three hundred citizens of this country.
  • While this war against the Bosnian Muslims came in 1992 at the hands of the Serbian forces that took a barrage of rockets from the top of the mountain, and the siege lasted for three years until the noose was tightened on the besieged Muslims in that region, but God willing that the siege be lifted from them as the heart of the grandmother was constructed Everyone sought, and gave up her residence in Butmir, which is located on the outskirts of Sarajevo, in order to dig a tunnel through which supplies and equipment pass through to Muslims, so he witnessed a tragedy and deliverance suffered by Muslims, but the hand of God is higher and stronger.

The old Ottoman market

Tourism in Bosnia, Arab travelers

  • It is the market known as Bascarsija Market, as it is a market from the Ottoman era, and it contains shops selling handcraft and handicrafts as well as restaurants.
  • This market is also distinguished by the shops that sell ice cream and delicious meals.
  • The Ottoman market includes many historical and archaeological monuments, the most prominent of which is the Khosrik Mosque, which is located in Ghazi Khosrbik Square.

Sarajevo city center

Tourism in Bosnia, Arab travelers

  • This city center is located in the heart of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, next to the National Museum, and it was built by Al Shadi Real Estate Group.
  • This mall consists of sixteen floors, while plants and herbs cover the area surrounding the mall.
  • Likewise, this mall has the opportunity to park cars, as it has a garage for visitors.
  • The mall contains various stores in the services provided, the most prominent of which are clothes, food and beverage offerings. It also includes ATMs and several branches of banks, in addition to providing areas for children and a prayer hall for women.

Through this article, we have dealt with many attractive tourist areas that are glamorous in Bosnia, which gives joy and happiness to visitors to that city that has been transformed from war to peace and hope.

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