Tourism in Bosnia

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the Balkan region in the southeast of the European continent, where it is considered one of the republics of the former Yugoslavia. The area of ​​the country is estimated at more than fifty thousand square kilometers approximately, while the official language in it is Bosnian alongside both Croatian and Serbian, and according to the expectations of the year two thousand and nine AD, the population is estimated at about four million and six hundred thousand people approximately, but the official currency is Bosnian mark circulating in the country.

Tourism in it

Based on the data and estimates of the World Tourism Organization, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked third in the world in terms of the rate of tourism growth between the years one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five AD, two thousand and twenty AD. Bosnia and Herzegovina contains many tourist attractions that attract tourists and visitors from all regions around the world, and here are some of the most prominent of these attractions.

Its most important tourist attractions

Among the most important tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the following:

  • The city of Pashgaria: This region is located in the city of Sarajevo, and is characterized by its ancient and ancient, and from here it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the country, and the city contains many distinct historical and cultural buildings, so it was considered the cultural and historical center of Sarajevo.
  • The source of the Bosna River: This place is an important destination for enjoying time, relaxing and relaxing in the arms of the rich and beautiful nature.
  • Baita Falls: These waterfalls flow from the Frias River, which passes in the western and northern sides of the country, and these waterfalls are among the most amazing waterfalls in the world.
  • Una National Park: Una Park is located in the northern part of the country, as it is one of the unique parks located on the Bosnian lands, as it is characterized by the beauty of its nature and the biological diversity found in it.
  • Hotovo Plano Park: This park contains many different types of birds, such as falcons, sparrows, and others, and its water section contains many distinct marine creatures.
  • Visegrad Bridge: This bridge is located on the Drina River, located in Visegrad, to the eastern side of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This bridge dates back to the sixteenth century A.D. And, this landmark was added to the list of world heritage sites in the year two thousand and seven AD by UNESCO.
  • Tunnel of Hope: This tunnel is a symbol of the Bosnians, as its importance is due to the great war that occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the nineties of the last century, and this tunnel had a large and important role in providing the people with weapons, food, and medicine, but today it is a museum Important for tourists and visitors throughout the year.


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