The city of Bruges is one of the most magnificent cities of tourism in Belgium, where the branches of history overlap with the fragrant civilization and luxurious architecture, it is a painting painted in the brightest colors that attract millions of tourists throughout the year.
When you visit Bruges, Belgium, you will be amazed by the beauty of its water channels, which enables visitors to rent boats, as well as enjoy shopping in the famous shopping centers and malls.

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Best Bruges hotels

The Belgian city of Bruges occupies a good place among the hearts of tourists, as it enjoys the finest levels of entertainment, and there is a rich bouquet of hotels, apartments, villas, and guest houses that provide the guests with the distinguished services and pleasant facilities. These places also received the highest positive reviews through visitors. Arabs, find out about the best Belgium hotels in Bruges on the next tab … Read more

Bruges hotels

The best tourist places in Bruges

The city of Bruges in Belgium has a large number of tourist attractions that are worth a visit. Below we will know the best places of tourism in the glorious Bruges Belgium.

The Church of the Holy Blood

One of the most famous cathedrals in the city of Bruges in Belgium that contains a lot of Gothic designs, and this name has been called as it is said that it contains a bottle inside a piece of cloth with some drops of Christ, so the annual sacred blood procession is held on the streets of the city of Bruges because of this bottle, which Millions of tourists are attracting Christians to enjoy joining this famous procession.

Bruges, Belgium

Salvador Dali Expo Museum

It is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bruges, Belgium, where visitors are given wonderful times of illuminated arts in an amazing picture. It was an exhibition by an artist called “Dali” in which he was displaying his drawings and sculptures during the past century, and after that he turned into an art museum that attracts Many tourists at the international level, where the museum includes all the works of this well-known artist.

Bruges Belgium

Greening Museum

Get the finest artistic tourist tours in the Greening Museum, which enjoys panoramic views of the Digger water canal, and includes wonderful artistic paintings that illustrate the history of plastic art in Belgium, where all those who see it are surprised by the severity of its beauty, it contains a gallery of modern art after the war, and another special Art of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and includes some Dutch paintings.


Boduan Seipark Theme Park

It is a city of full-service games and is considered one of the coolest recreational parks in the Belgian city of Bruges, which includes many water games and open pools. It also offers many impressive water shows for dolphins and sea lions, and there is a games area for children, and includes a group of games overlooking a dazzling landscape From dense plants and trees, and many birthday parties can be done.

Bruges in Belgium

Church of Our Lady

One of the most famous sites of Bruges in Belgium, where it attracts millions of visitors every year, and the church has a tall tower of about 112 meters in length, so it is considered one of the tallest buildings in Belgium and the world, and the church is famous for a statue of the Virgin Mary and next to it is a small child who was carved by the artist Michelangelo of marble White, and the church also contains masterpieces of distinguished pieces of art dating back to the eighteenth century.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges bell tower

It is one of the most magnificent tourist places in Bruges Belgium, which is located in the historical center of the city and was built since the medieval years in 1240 AD, and is located on the south side of the Great Market Square, and its length is about 83 meters, and it includes a large number of bells that were used to warn residents of Multiple hazards such as fire, as it was used to know the working hours and the most famous religious and social occasions

Tourism in Bruges "

The Great Market Square

This field is one of the most important fields in the world of Belgian tourism, which is loved by many tourists and locals, and includes many luxury shops and restaurants, and there is a vast square around which the most beautiful singing ceremonies are held, and many ancient historical buildings dating back to several centuries are located near it. And, you can enjoy field walks on a fascinating, traffic-free tour.

The Belgian city of Bruges

Mini Water Park

One of the most beautiful romantic tourist places that lovers come to enjoy its tranquility and picturesque beauty, which includes a small lake surrounded by dense trees and ancient buildings with elegant architectural designs in a wonderful scene, and this artificial lake was built as a small stream of water, and it is spread by many birds such as ducks and geese who do Tourists feed them, and it has many tributaries and streams.

Bruges Belgium

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