Tourism in Bruges is the dream of tourists looking for cities that carry something special that is not found anywhere else.
This city dates back to the Middle Ages in Belgium, and the most remarkable architecture attracts more than two million visitors annually.
If you are thinking about traveling to Belgium then Bruges should be number one on the list of cities that you will visit.
Here is the most important characteristic of this wonderful city.

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Tourism in Bruges

Belfry of Bruges

This tower is one of the most distinctive features of the city and is one of the most important reasons for the prosperity of tourism in Bruges. It started its construction in 1248 and then its height increased twice, once in the fourteenth century and then again in the sixteenth century.
It was previously the main market in the city and the building includes a stunning courtyard and the balcony in the building was used in the past to issue and announce laws for the residents who gathered in the courtyard.
The Bruges bell tower is 83 meters high and includes 47 bells. By reaching the top of the tower, the best scenery of Bruges can be seen;
You can also visit the old treasure room where the historical city documents are preserved.Belfry of BrugesBelfry of Bruges

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Basilica of the Holy Blood

The Church of the Holy Blood heads the central square known as Burg. The church is famous for the crystal bottle that contains a drop of the blood of Christ. This alone is enough to make tourism in Bruges a dream of millions of tourists.
In May of each year, these sacred relics are carried in the procession of the sacred blood that passes through the streets of Bruges.
The facade of the church was erected with its three stunning and similar gilded arches between 1529 and 1534. The church itself consists of a small church with a Romen character and an upper Gothic church.Basilica of the Holy Blood
Basilica of the Holy BloodBasilica of the Holy BloodBasilica of the Holy Blood

Markt Bruges

The Grand Market Square or Market is located in the heart of the city and is the main bustling city square.
It is surrounded on all sides by beautiful buildings dating back to different time periods.
The eastern side is dominated by a Gothic building dating back to 1887 and is the seat of the government of the West Flandern County.
The best way to enjoy all this architectural beauty that surrounds the square is to join the crowds of visitors and locals on one of the tours to see all these amazing historical buildings. Markt BrugesMarkt Bruges

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Groeninge Museum

This museum contains the best art collection in Bruges. The museum also includes a gallery of modern art and a wonderful collection of views of the old city of Bruges.
The museum houses five distinctive large rooms that will attract your attention because they contain very exceptional and old paintings.
All rooms feature very popular and important paintings by great artists of history.Groeninge MuseumGroeninge MuseumGroeninge MuseumGroeninge Museum

Church of our lady bruges

This church is 112 meters high and this makes it the tallest building in Belgium.
Work on the nave and corridors began in 1230, then external corridors and chapels were added in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.
The church holds a wealth of art treasures, among them a magnificent and sublime sculpture made by Michelangelo in 1503 called the Virgin and Child.
The sculpture stands on the altar of the church at the end of the southern corridor.
In the church there are also other wonderful sculptures of great artists, and this makes the church an artistic and historical wealth at the same time.Church of our lady brugesChurch of our lady brugesChurch of our lady brugesChurch of our lady bruges

Memling Museum

This museum houses six masterpieces by the artist Hans Memling and each of these paintings is considered by art appraisers to be the pearl of ancient Flemish art.
Among these six paintings there is a distinguished painting that is recognized as one of the most important works of the Master,
The rest of the paintings are also popular, but not as well as the famous ones.
Each painting tells a historical story, either a religious story or a historical legend, and each one was drawn in a period of time apart from the other.
The thing that all the paintings have in common is that they are more than wonderful and that is why I deservedly deservedly built a museum specifically.Memling MuseumMemling Museum

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